5 Best Blender for Milkshakes and Smoothies Reviews 2022

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, crushed iced with whipped cream!
True American classics!
This creamy, frothy and thick drinks in our heart. But look at the price tag! From Franklin Fountain to Bassetts Ice Cream Company, a glass of milkshake is hell expensive.
But think about this for a moment……….
When you have a blender for milkshakes and smoothies, you don’t need to go to the local store to enjoy a glass of milkshake or smoothie.
Ready-made shakes may contain harmful preservatives and colorants, which can create serious health issues.
So, do you want to ruin your enjoyable lazy weekend?
Definitely No.
So, we took the expert chef’s opinion, reviewed top 5 best blender for milkshakes and smoothies. Then made this shortlist of the 5 best smoothie maker that can crush ice into a drinkable slush and give you a juicy milkshake and smoothie.
Let’s dive in.

Quick view: What is the best blender for ice smoothies?

  1. Best blenders for smoothies and juice: Ninja blender
  2. Best blenders for smoothies under $100: NutriBullet Extractor
  3. Best blenders for milkshakes recipe: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender
  4. Best small blenders for smoothies: NutriBullet Pro High-Speed Blender
  5. Best commercial blenders for smoothies: NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender

Do you need a special blender to make smoothies?

Yes, a specialized blender is necessary to make the smoothie.
You should select a blender with enough power to crush frozen fruits, vegetables, and ice cubes. Also, the blender has to come with low/medium/high-speed settings.
Things to Consider When Buying the Suitable Blender for Milkshakes and Smoothies.

Motor Power

Choose a blender that contains a 300 – 1200 W motor and has variable speed settings. If you love smoothies prepared for frozen food, you should use high speed. On the flip side, less is necessary when preparing smoothies of soft fruits like bananas and strawberries.


Don’t choose any blender that doesn’t have a stainless steel blade. Stainless steel is a durable material. It can crush frozen foods and ice cubes easily.


You can’t avoid cleaning blenders after preparing a smoothie. At the same time, if your selected blender’s cleaning process is stressful, you will not feel interested in using the blender.
So, choose a model that is easy to clean and maintain.

Variable Speed Option

More speed settings will allow you to prepare several drinks.
If you require to prepare different food items every day, go with a blender with 3-speed options and a pulse button.

5 Best Blender for Milkshakes and Smoothies Review (Handpicked list by Cocktail mixing master & Bartender)

First let me say something straight………
All the reviewed blenders in this article are easy to use, safe, and manufactured by the top-rated companies. It is significantly essential to make sure that your selected blender can manage any of your plans at the top of the priority list.

1. Ninja bl660 professional blender – Best Overall

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Key Features:

My impression

Imagine how it could be if you can make a smoothie just in a few seconds!
Sound’s great, isn’t it?
The Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is efficient and powerful enough to crush any vegetable or fruit you can supply.
After putting fruits or vegetable into it, you will get your expected juice within a few seconds. 2 different sized pitchers make this blender a versatile one. The large pitcher is suitable for quick recipes and blending larger amounts of foods.
Provided single-served glass can easily be placed on the top when blending, and this feature comes in handy when you are in a rush.
And you know the best part?
Without any tension, you can thoroughly clean it using a dishwasher. The 6-blade system is sharp, and the motor is powerful. A combination of both ensures excellent productivity.
The motor speed can easily be adjusted into 3 variable speeds as per requirement. Single-serving cups of the blender will also satisfy you for sure because you can use these cups for individual persons.
The motor speed can easily be adjusted into 3 variable speeds as per requirement. Single-serving cups of the blender will also satisfy you for sure because you can use these cups for individual persons.
What about the pitcher?
The 72oz. total crushing pitcher can serve a bunch of people without any problem. These cups have a lid, which means storing them in the freezer will not be an issue.
The cups are made of heavy-gauge plastic that makes them much durable, and they are BPA-free too.
What is the best blender for vegetable smoothies?
The ninja will emulsify vegetables if that means to crush to a liquid consistency. It’s no louder and does a fantastic job making smoothies, milkshakes, dips, dressing, drinks, etc. The cord is ~4 ft. long and easily wraps around the base.
nutribullet Personal Blender for Shakes

Key Features:

My impression

Feel bothered to eat food and vegetables?
The good news is, this NutriBullet NBR-0601 blender will allow you to add vibe to your diet chart by crushing and blending different food and vegetables.
The NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor is one of those extractors that are not easy to ignore.
This blender focuses on getting the best out of your foods. The name of the blender will give you an idea of this blender’s working process. Nutribullet blender extracts nutrients from fruits and vegetables using bullet speed.
Working with it is super effortless!
It doesn’t contain any buttons to switch it on/off and to control the settings. The sketched buttons give a sleek look.
Do you know what blenders do Starbucks use?
Its construction is great. The brushed metal-base is graphite-colored, cups are made of metal, and plastic-made handles and lids are durable. Also, the bullet-shaped design is much pleasing. The combination of the metal and plastic construction makes this extractor lightweight. It consists of a generous 145 cm power cord.
Try to put some seed in the smoothie?
Busting open seeds, chewing stiff stems is not an issue for this blender since it has powerful muscle. Simple load this blender with your favorite food, give a push and twist.
The food will blend within 60 seconds with the help of its powerful 600W motor. It will deliver you a nutrient-filled drink, dips, juice, or smoothie so that you can lead yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

3. NutriBullet Pro High-Speed Blender – Hardcover Recipe Book Included (900 Watts)

NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer

Key Features:

My impression

If you are looking for an affordably priced premium quality blender, without looking for other blenders, pick this Nutrient Pro-13 blender. Its 900W motor is powerful and faster compared to other blenders.
Did you notice the lid?
It is much portable because of the flip-top lid. As a result, you can carry it to your workplace, gym, or any other area. This portable feature allows you to enjoy freshly blended smoothies anywhere you want. Moreover, the design is much compact and won’t take much space while storing in your kitchen rack.
That’s not all………
Blades and other components are cleanable with detergent. In fact, it is full of brilliant features to let you live a comfortable life.
The good news is the cups and blades of this blender are compatible with upgraded versions of the same brand. Besides, fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients get pulled downwards to the blade due to the NutriBullet “cyclone” motion feature.
And if you don’t want these features, untwisting the cup will let you stop the process when you don’t want to use it.
Isn’t it awesome?
In addition, the blender mixes all food ingredients evenly. Even, you will never experience a separation of the food items. When preparing a thick smoothie, only blend the food item.
And if your requirement is thinner smoothies or milkshakes, don’t forget to add water. Moreover, watermarks in the cup will let you add water with the right measure when blending. Additionally, the blender is not that loud. It sounds like any typical blender.

Key Features:

My impression

The most impressive feature of the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender (51131) is most probably its design.
It provides superior portability and versatility because of its slim design.
It comes with a removable travel mug with a built-in lid that allows you to drink the juice from the jar directly. Any car holder holds the jar comfortably; thus, keeping the mug while driving will not be a hassle.
Spending extra money is unnecessary on larger blenders, including an added whistle or bell, while normal push-button can do the trick. Using its PULSE button, making even blended milkshakes or smoothies will be much easier. Moreover, the taste and consistency of the food will never change after making smoothies, dips, drinks, etc.
The result?
Your dieting lifestyle will be a lot easier if protein shakes and smoothies are the main fundamentals of your diet.
Without losing much time, this blender will let you blend quickly. Due to the travel-friendly jar, you don’t need to look for another cup or glass to take the juice. Instead of that, remove the mug from the base, and you are all fully ready to enjoy your travel. At the same time, cleaning the blender before you leave the house is entirely unnecessary.
At the jar front, you will find printed measuring numbers. This way, you will have the flexibility and freedom when mixing up the ingredients. It is equipped with a 175 W motor that delivers the necessary power and speed to make a consistent smoothie. Additionally, stainless steel is used to manufacture the blades, which crushes ice without any trouble.
NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender

Key Features:

My impression

Cool tones and beautifully designed NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Dark Gray will seamlessly match with your current kitchen appliances.
It is also equipped with exceptional features: a 1200 W motor, a cooling fan, and a programmed overheating mechanism. It consists of both multi-serving jugs and a single-serve cup to add versatility and take your nutrition extraction to the next level.
Generally, manufacturers advise not to blend hot ingredients with blenders. But with this blender, you can blend hot ingredients without hassle. The plastic made 64 oz. pitcher has a vented lid that allows you to blend or grind hot ingredients with ease.
Now let’s talk about material?
It is free from BPA and dishwasher-proof. Both features give you peace of mind, undoubtedly. Also, the pitcher is well-tempered that lets you deal with thick ingredients.
This blender has multiple blend speeds: low, medium, extract and pulse.
It has so much power and makes fantastic smoothies and shakes, along with anything else you may want to grind or blend. Besides, the NutriBullet Blender Combo does not require you to hold it while it blends since it vibrates less than other blenders.
Are you wondering if the blender might create much noise due to its powerful motor?
The truth is it doesn’t make much sound. So, if you wish to blend anything when enjoying a soccer match at late night, without disturbing your family members, you can do so. This blender is capable of making nut butter with added oil.
However, it is recommended to use a rubber spatula for removing ingredients after blending and consider this as the best cheap blenders for smoothies.

Can Blenders Make Milkshakes?

Yes, milkshakes can easily be prepared using blenders. Below is the process of preparing milkshakes in the blender.
Ingredients :
Preparing method: The process is so straightforward. Follow the below steps.
  1. Blend ice cream and ice together.
  2. Once you get the expected taste, pour it into a glass. Use sprinkles and Maraschino to beautify the milkshake.

Why is Vitamix Better than Other Blenders?

Vitamix is one of the most powerful, exclusive, and exceptional blenders among all available blenders in the market. Vitamix blender can be used as a grinder, processing food, juicer, and blender. Versatility is the main feature of the Vitamix blender.
Many homeowners and professional chefs prefer using Vitamix blenders. What is the reason behind that award of best mini blenders for smoothies? Why do people prefer this blender as best single serve blenders for smoothies?
Comparison between Vitamix blender and other brands blender will answer the above questions.

Blending Power

Vitamix blenders are manufactured with an HP motor that performs faster without any problem. The unique benefits of using Vitamix blenders is – you can blend different food items for several minutes without a break. And the blender will never get over-heated. While other blenders get overheated when used for several minutes.
Vitamix blenders don’t have any heating issues, and this feature makes it a popular tool among many customers.


Blades of Vitamix blenders are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel. Edges are too sharp that can withstand most rigid materials. At the same time, sharpening the blade is not mandatory, which means the Vitamix blender’s blade never gets dull. and that’s why vitamix has crowned as the consumer reports best blenders for smoothies.
On the other side, other blenders’ blades become dull and dent over time. So, without sharpening them, you can’t get the best result from other blenders.

Self-detect Mechanism

Another unique feature of the Vitamix blender is the self-detect mechanism. Adjustment of the container automatically happens since your used container size is easily detectable by the motor base.
Similarly, time and other programs can easily be set in the blenders. Vitamix blenders have a built-in programmable timer. With its help, you can select the programs as per requirement, start operating, and do other work. The blender will finish the work according to the program; after blending, the blender will shut-off automatically.
You will barely find this feature in other blenders.

Noise Level

Vitamix blenders also make sounds but compared to cheap or regular blenders; the sound level is less. This allows you to blend anything early in the morning or late at night, or when your kid is sleeping. undoutebly, this brand is the best quiet blenders for smoothies.

Easy to Clean

The self-cleaning feature is another brilliant feature of Vitamix blenders. All you need to do is, add 3 – 5 dishwasher drops, fill the container halfway with water, and run the machine for 30 seconds. Then thoroughly rinse the blender with warm water.
In contrast, with cheap blenders, you have to detach the entire device to do a thorough cleaning.
Other benefits:
With the above discussion, hopefully, you understood why Vitamix blenders are better than other blenders and consider as best rated blenders for smoothies.

What is the Difference between a Smoothie Maker and a Blender?

Many homeowners can’t decide whether to buy a smoothie maker or a blender to make the smoothie.
We created this section in order to remove the confusion.
Let’s have a look at the below Smoothie maker vs. blender comparison chart.


Smoothie Maker


Basic Purpose

Specialized only in preparing smoothies.

Important appliance for accomplishing day-to-day cooking. It can do multiple functions such as liquefying, crushing, etc.

Design and Functionality

Only on/off function. Comes with basic size.

Bigger in size. Comes with a variable speed option.

Quality Concerns

Mix uneven fruit pieces and other ingredients. The end result is smoother and silkier than blender.

Mix the ingredients that you put into it. Textures are not even compared to smoothie makers.


Takes little time and effort to clean.

Simpler model means a simple cleaning process.


You may need to pay $30 – $1000, depending on the model.

It will cost you between $50 – $ 300 based on the functionality.


Less powerful than blender

Much powerful.

Frozen Drinks

Can make frozen drinks easily.

Using ice cubes in a blender is possible, but it will melt within the process.


Learning about the blender’s specification is significantly essential before buying. Also, proper research is vital. Otherwise, you will pick the wrong product.
Smoothie making process will be much more comfortable with the best blender for milkshakes and smoothies. We compiled a bunch of information on 10 best blenders for smoothies that are ideal for preparing milkshakes, smoothies, margarita and other food items and then shortlisted top 5 Best Blender for Milkshakes and Smoothies.
We believe the above information will help you in picking the right product.
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