5 Best Blenders With Glass Jar Reviewed For 2022

There are a lot of reasons why a lot of people still prefer to use glass blenders. One of the main reasons is safety. If you make soup with a blender, you are better off using a glass carafe instead of a plastic one. Some don’t like putting acidic or hot foods in a plastic container because of flavor leaching and chemical.
With all of that in mind, we have handpicked some of the best blenders with glass jars that are safe, durable, and longer-lasting. When it comes to using kitchen appliances, it’s better to use non-plastic utensils whenever possible.
Blenders with glass pitchers are somewhat heavier than their plastic counterparts, but they tend to last longer, and the most important factor here is the peace of mind from knowing that there won’t be any plastic leaching into your food.
When it comes to finding the right glass blender, you will notice that only a handful of well-known brands produce blenders with glass pitchers. Vitamix, Ninja, Oster, Hamilton, Nutribullet, and Blendtec.

Top 5 Best Glass Blender Reviews

To narrow down your search, we have handpicked some of the top-rated blenders that come with glass containers that feature everything you need for professional-quality blending.
Oster Blender
Oster knows how to make blenders that can last for decades. I’m sure you will find one at your grandparents’ home. The Oster blender Pro 1200 is an excellent choice for beginner juicer fanatics and smoothie lovers. It features a Boroclass glass jar that is tough, durable, and easy to clean.
The Oster pro blender comes equipped with a powerful 1200-watt motor and features seven-speed settings for everyday blending. From pulse to puree, there are seven-speed settings, and three of them are pre-programmed to make the most common blender creations. You can also crush the ice with the blender.
This is possible thanks to its 900-watts of ice crushing power. It’s not all about how powerful the motor is. The blade also plays a vital role when it comes to chopping and grinding tough ingredients. This blender uses dual direction blade technology for extra precision and crushing power.
The 3.5-inch extra wide blade system makes it easier to get smoother and faster results no matter what ingredients you put inside the pitcher. Along with the larger blades, they can also rotate in both directions. Combine this with the blender’s pulse feature, and you have got yourself a powerful kitchen appliance.

2. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender – Best for Vegetables and Fruits

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender
The Hamilton Beach Power Elite is probably the most affordable blender on the market that comes with a 40-ounce BPA-free glass jar. I mean, it’s rare to see a blender at this price point offering specs that are usually found in more expensive units. It’s a small blender featuring a 700-watt motor.
The motor is powerful enough to crush ice and grind the toughest ingredients. For consistently smooth results, the blades are designed to create a wave action system that continuously draws in the mixture towards the center of the blade. This action is great for making smoothies.
You could think of it as a multi-function blender since it comes with twelve blending functions. It has an easy-to-read control panel with five buttons that allow you to precisely control the blending speed. For easy cleaning, you can remove the blades and clean them thoroughly.
The lid, blades, and jar are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. As for the lid, you will notice a pouring spout. This patented and unique lid design allows for easy pouring. For easy storage, you can tuck the power cord in under the blender. Overall, this is a good inexpensive blender with a glass jar.
Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender
Blenders are extremely finicky kitchen appliances, and that’s why it can be risky to go with a smaller no-name brand. Because of that, the first product on this list is from a reputed brand that we all know and love. The Vitamix Explorian is a professional grade blender that is perfect for your daily blending needs.
You can’t go wrong with a Vitamix. It’s pretty easy to see why this brand has a legion of devotees. This blender is efficient and reliable and also has the power to perform any blending tasks. Along with its hardened stainless-steel blades, the pitcher is also hardened to deal with tough ingredients.
If you want to enjoy a smoothie that is smooth as silk, go with this one. It has a similar level of performance to more high-end models without all the bells and whistles. The 48-ounce Tritan jar is perfect for blending foods for a small family. It also features a variable speed control function.
With ten speed settings and a pulse feature, you can blend everything from the heartiest soups to the smoothest purees. It’s also easy to clean and allows for self-cleaning. Simply drop some warm water and mix it with dish soap and turn on the blender. It will clean itself.
Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender
This Ninja Foodi is a unique cold and hot blender that can do more than just make juice and smoothie. You can use this blender for cooking ingredients like soup, vegetables, and proteins and also using it to crush tough ingredients. This is the most versatile blender on this list at an attractive price point.
It has the raw crushing power you would expect from a Ninja blender. In addition, you can also use it to craft cocktails, prepare hot soups, make smoothies and frozen margaritas, and a bunch of other recipes, all with a single blender. The stainless-steel blades can crush through any tough ingredients.
Underneath the blades, there is an 800-watt precision heating element that boils liquids in minutes. For the smoothest blending results, it comes with an easy-to-push tamper that you can use to push all the ingredients toward the blade. This results in superior blending, which is perfect for making cold deserts.
This smart blender comes with touchscreen controls and is equipped with a lot of one-key touch programs. Take the time to read the manuals properly in order to understand what all the program buttons do. You don’t have to worry about clean up as this blender features a heated, clean program.
BLACK+DECKER Countertop Blender
If you are looking for a heavy-duty multi-blender, this is the real deal. This blender is designed for people that are always on the go. Let’s start with the pitcher first. The 5-cup blender pitcher is made using durable and thick glass that is also easy to handle. To eliminate drips and spills, this jar has a PerfectPour spout.
The blade, lid, and pitcher are dishwasher safe making cleanup a breeze. At peak performance, this blender can reach 550-watts and then stays at 350-watts on continuous use. In addition to that, this blender also features ten-speed settings as well as pulse mode.
Having variable speed means you won’t have to worry about finding the right speed and consistency for everything your blend. To improve blending power and efficiency, this unit blends at multiple levels. This is possible due to the four-tip multi-level stainless steel blade. That sums it up for this blender.
In short, you are looking at an affordable glass blender with 550-watts peak power, durable glass jar, pulse feature along with ten-speed settings, and a four-tip stainless steel blade for smooth and efficient blending. You will find a clear lid inside that doubles as a 1-ounce measuring cup.

Choosing The Best Blenders With Glass Jar | A Definitive Buyer’s Guide

Before I get to the meat of this article, I would like to clarify something first. I’m sure you have already noticed by now that there aren’t that many powerful blenders that come with glass pitchers.
Because glass isn’t that powerful of a material to withstand high-speed blending. Glass needs to be shatterproof to withstand the high-end blender’s high loads, and currently, there isn’t any technology that can make such a strong glass.
This means renowned manufacturers have to opt for a low powered motor. Popular brands such as Hamilton Beach, Ninja, Oster have low-powered glass blenders.
For this reason, it’s very difficult to find a versatile and truly powerful blender that comes with a glass pitcher. The main reason why you would want a good glass blender is for safety purposes.
And there is no doubt that glass pitchers are better than plastic.

Glass Jar Vs. Plastic Jar

In terms of durability, a plastic jar is definitely superior. However, that’s a debatable subject because both of these jar materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Let’s talk about why you would want a glass jar first. Ever since blenders were invented, glass jar was the norm back then. Heck, people even used mason jars to blend. Well, now that there is a wide range of blenders and the motors they feature are more powerful, manufacturers had to opt for a safer solution.
That’s why you will see higher-end blenders with powerful motors will come with a BPA-free plastic pitcher instead of a glass pitcher. I prefer glass because it’s safer, and I don’t want plastic leeching onto my food.
Glass being transparent gives a cleaner vibe compared to plastic. Glass jars don’t have any crevices where germs can lurk, and they are also easy to clean and looks fresh if properly maintained. Glass pitchers are scratch-resistant, unlike plastic, and do not discolor.
If you have old mason jars in your house, you see that they still have a vintage-style clarity condition. A lot of people enjoy the heaviness of the glass as these jars have a good weight.
Now, you might be wondering, if glass jars are that great, why do blenders don’t come with one? Well, here is the catch. Glass can’t endure the high blending pressure created by powerful blenders.
However, there are blenders that come with Boroglass or tempered glass pitchers that are strong and shatterproof. Even then, there is still the risk because glass is glass, and glass is prone to breaking.
Also, if you have weak hands or hand pain, I suggest you opt for small glass blenders. Most of the time, you won’t be needing a massive glass container.

Why Do You Need A Blender With Glass Container?

If you are the type of person that wants a blender that can cook, it’s better to go with blenders that come with glass containers. People that are obsessed with healthy eating can put their minds at ease.
Unlike plastic jars, glass is a lot safer because it will never inject any harmful chemicals into your ingredients when you blend at high speed. There are Tritan jars that are also BPA-free, but there is no way of testing if the specs are actually true.
If you can maintain a glass jar properly, it can easily stand the test of time. These classic glass containers give you a good old-fashioned vibe in the kitchen. They are also easy to clean and remain sparkly for decades.
If you make baby foods using your blender, make sure to use glass as it doesn’t produce any harmful odors or chemicals into your food. Glass jars are stain-resistant, will not scratch, and wash perfectly.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Glass Jar Blender

Now, before I talk about the features you need to look for, let me talk about the factors you need to consider when buying a blender with a glass jar.

1. Usage

As I’ve said before, glass jars are prone to breaking. In addition to that, they can become heavy when the insides are full of blended ingredients. On the other hand, plastic is cheaper and lighter but not very safe.
In the end, it comes down to preference. If you want your blender jar to always look fresh and clean and don’t want it to get scratches, discolor or wear over time, then you should definitely get a glass jar blender.

2. Extras

Some blenders come with more than one glass jar of varying sizes. There is no doubt that having extra cups are always a perk because depending on your blending needs, you can easily switch from a smaller cup to a larger cup.
This means, if you have a small batch of foods to blend, you won’t have to mess up a bulky glass container. Smaller containers allow you to blend up a nice, refreshing smoothie that you can take to work.

3. Size & Weight

The next important factor thing to consider is the actual size of the jar. If you are preparing food for a large family, having a large blender will make it very easy for you to do so. However, for personal use, you don’t need a large blender.
A great on-the-go option for a single person would be a small blender that comes with a small container with a drip-proof lid on it. No matter where you go, you can always enjoy a healthy drink.
Having a blender that is not too heavy nor light is what you should be looking for. When it comes to blenders, having that extra weight means it won’t slide around or move too much when you are blending.
In addition, the unit will be more stable. On the contrary, it will be harder for you to move it around. Also, you need to be able to keep it on the shelf on not using. So, having a blender that is not very heavy is essential.

4. Budget

How much do you want to spend on a blender? Let me rephrase that. How much do you need to spend on a blender? The answer depends on how much blending do you do daily. For example, if you only blend smoothies, you can easily find some amazing smoothie blender under 100 bucks.
However, if you need a more versatile blender that can make more than just a smoothie, you will have to increase your budget. Midrange blenders are available in the 100–200 dollar price range. El cheapo blenders aren’t worth buying.

5. Ease Of Cleaning

It’s vital to keep your blender clean. Every time you blend, you will have to clean it thoroughly, and that brings us to our last factor to consider, which is the ease of cleaning. Most of the time, the parts that are removable will be dishwasher safe.
This includes the blade, the jar, and the top lid. The blades need washing out because food particles get stuck between the blades.

Features To Consider When Buying A Blenders

There is no doubt that blenders are finicky appliances, and even the smallest of features matter. Every blender will have something unique to bring to the table. In the following section, I will be talking about some of the essential features your blender needs to have.


Blenders that come with glass pitchers won’t have a very powerful motor. Most of them will be capped at around 700-watts. Larger blenders that have a powerful 1200-watts don’t come with glass jars. On the contrary, you will find a lot of small, less-powerful blenders that come with glass jars.
Watts determine the strength of the motor as well as the blender itself. Higher watt motors will produce more RPM and faster speeds, which glass jars aren’t capable of handling. If you want functions like blending and crushing frozen ingredients and ice, you will need a powerful blender.

Jar Capacity

Different blenders have different jar capacity, and it’s totally up to you. If you want to blend a lot of ingredients together, it’s better to go with a larger jar. On the other hand, if you only need a blender to make smoothies for yourself, you can use a smaller jar.
Standard size blenders will come with jars with a capacity of around 40 to 70 oz. Now, different blenders will come with accessories such as additional jars and cup size jars. Depending on the blender you have, you might also get dedicated jars for grinding and crushing.

Control Panels

By now, you have already seen a lot of blenders that offer different types of control panels. Some use touchscreen controls to operate the blender, while others use the traditional push-button settings. Occasionally, you will also see turn-dial knobs. It doesn’t really make that much of a difference in usability.
However, make sure the buttons aren’t that confusing. Look for a blender that has a user-friendly control panel. Since most blenders these days come with preset programs, you will need to be able to quickly identify what each button does and select the right program for the right job.

Blade Design & Blade Material

Each manufacturer has its own take on blade design. Some prefer using thick blades, while others prefer to use thinner blades. The design varies, and you will have to check the reviews to find out how the blades perform. As for the material, stainless steel is the best.
It’s pretty common because blades made using stainless steel will last longer, are durable, and corrosion resistant. Stainless blades are easy to clean and do a great job of crushing and grinding ingredients. In addition to that, the blades do not encourage the growth of bacteria and will not absorb odors.

Speed Settings

Long gone are the days when blenders used to have a fixed speed. Now, you can find units that have up to ten-speed settings. Having variable speed settings mean you will have better control over your blending.
You can start slow and gradually increase the speed depending on the ingredient. In addition, the pulse feature is common when you need that extra burst of power—this a handy feature to have. Whether you want to crush or grind, the ability to control the blending speed is a must.


There are blenders that claim to do everything. Don’t fall for that trap. Granted, there are versatile blenders that can do a lot of stuff but not everything. For example, some units are better at crushing ice than others. Some are better at mixing and grinding.
Try to get a good all-around blender that can crush, chop, blend, puree, and liquefy your ingredients. You don’t want a bunch of features that are too complicated to understand. Simple is better.

Features To Consider When Buying A Blenders

1. Which brand makes the best blender with glass jar?

In the world of blending, most high-end reputed blender manufacturers have opted for BPA-free plastic jars. Because of that, you will only find entry-level blenders from brands like Oster, Hamilton Beach, and Ninja that still manufactures blenders with a glass jar.

2. Is BPA-free plastic better than glass?

In terms of durability, yes. Also, most jars are transparent, which make them way better than glass. For now, if you just need a glass blender, you will have to opt for lower-end models.

3. Does Vitamix make glass blenders?

The brand Vitamix used to produce blenders with metal and glass pitchers, but they are not making them anymore. That’s why it’s rare to see their blenders on the market that still uses glass containers.

4. Does Ninja Blender have glass jar?

Yes. In fact, Ninja has a wide variety of blenders that still come with glass jars. These blenders are powerful enough to crush ice and make frozen drinks.

5. Is Boroclass glass safe?

To some extent, Boroclass glass is safe, but you should not rely on this material too much, especially when working with hard, frozen ingredients.


And that sums up our roundup of the best blenders with glass jars. There is no shortage of blenders on the market, but it’s pretty hard to find a decent glass blender because of the limitation of glass jars. In the future, if glass technology improves, we might see the name brands opting for glass instead of using plastic.
As for my recommendation, I would go with the Oster Blender Pro 1200 as it is an inexpensive blender that is perfect for making smoothies. On the other hand, if you want a multi-purpose blender with the heating feature, you can go with the Ninja Foodi Blender With Heat-iQ.
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