5 Best Cold Press Juicer in 2022 | Enjoy Healthy Juices Every Day

It says, “Eat breakfast like a king and launch like a prince.”
We are more into the “Eat to fit” lifestyle nowadays, and No offence, a healthy breakfast is a must to stay healthy.
But the reality!!!!!
Our stubborn taste bud only drags us to mayonnaise, cola, processed juice, etc. Building a healthy lifestyle is just a dream.
Imagine how it could be to start your day with a fresh but yummy juice instead of these unhealthy junk foods.
Yeah, I know you will now ask how to get it in my morning meetings?
The answer is pretty simple dear; just use any best cold press juicer.
If you are a busy bee, then a cold press juicer will save time and offer juice by maintaining the food values of fruits & veggies.
Now it’s time to choose the best one among thousands of cold press juicers. In this cold press juicer reviews, we’ll try to sum up the 5 cold slow press juicers to help you with the best deal for your diet.

Quick Pick: What Is The Best Cold Press Juicer To Buy?

  1. Best cold press juicer for home:Amzchef juicer – “The best cold press masticating juicer at a surprisingly affordable range”
  1. Best cheap cold press juicer: Aobosi slow masticating juicer extractor – “A top-rated cold press juicer anyone can operate”
  1. Best commercial cold press juicerfor restaurant owner: Omega Juicer – “Most beloved cold-pressed juice machine by chef”

So What Is A Best Cold Press Juicer?

Before choosing anything blindly, it’s good to know about the basics.
Well, juicers come in various forms like centrifugal, cold press, triturating, etc. Among them, cold press juicers are the primary form of juicing. You can say cold press juicer is an ancient process rather than a type. These are also known as the Masticating juicer.
People use heavy metal to crush the fruits and squeeze it to extract the juice from pulps in early times. Cold press juicer does the same technique by using technology. The juicer uses hydraulic pressure, aka masticating pressure, to remove the fluid without damaging nutritional value.
You may confuse the word “cold press.” So what is cold pressed juice?
The masticating auger present in the juicer uses a slow process to cut the pulp and turn it into juice. And it produces less heat than any other juicer. That’s why people like to call it a cold press juicer.
Though no juicer is underrated, a cold press juicer can win the best juicer debate.
We can give you a million reasons to buy a masticating cold press juicer. Have a Look at the following points. We hope. You’ll be impressed.
Ensure the food values
First and foremost, fruits and vegetables are made of fibre, vitamins, and minerals.
The juicer extracts fruits/ vegetables, keeping the food values and enzymes intact.
Secondly, the machine uses a slow process, and it generates fewer heats. As a result, food doesn’t get oxidized. The freshness of juice lasts longer than any centrifugal juicer.
Produce more juice
In comparison to other juicers, cold press ones produce more juice.
When you use any other options, you may find extra pulp or Fibber remaining in the corner of the blade. But as it uses the pressing method so definitely, there will be no residues, and you will get the whole liquid from the particular fruits and vegetables.
Create less noise
If you are a centrifugal juicer user, you may know that juicers sound is too annoying.
But here, the cold press is the winner. As it uses a double auger, so you won’t have to deal with the loud irritating sounds.
Easy maintenance
Masticating juicers don’t have any complex layout. It is easy to assemble and clean. Moreover, beginners can also use it for the simplified method.

5 Best Cold Press Juicer to Get More Nutritious Juice Effortlessly

There are bunches of cold press juicers, and we know how tough it is to pick the best one from them.
Sound’s familiar?
That’s why I’ve chosen the 5 best cold-pressed juicers considering all the facts. Have a look at these.
Slow Juicer Extractor
Imagine a cold press juicing machine with almost zero noise.
Sound’s impossible?
AMZCHEF made the impossible possible. With a Quiet Motor, this machine manages to impress everyone by its solid performance.
Feeling curious to know about this juice extractor? Let’s get down to it.


Just look at the red beauty!
Isn’t it a showstopper?
Besides its gorgeous classic look, it’s equally effective. The very first thing we want to let you know that it’s a Slow Masticating Juicer. Made from Plastic and Stainless Steel, the quality is quite impressive we have to admit. Apart from machine, the blade is also designed from high-quality Stainless Steel.


With seven-segment spiral system, this awesome juicer extractor can fully squeeze the veggies and fruits like a champ.
What does this mean to you?

That means it keeps up to 90% more nutrition growth. The reverse function is such a great feature to avoid sticking. Veggies such as extracting celery, wheatgrass, gingers, oranges and other fibrous fruits like a pro.


The low-speed motor ensures the finest grinding ability which retains the necessary nutritional value of your veggies, fruits, and greens.
That’s not all.
This Cold press stuff is designed with intelligent protection chips. Thinking what so special about it? This will stop automatically after 20 minutes’ operation. We also adore the Small feeder chute- cute and convenient.

2. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor – Best Cold Press Juicer for Celery

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Machine
Cold press juicer is damn expensive!!!!!
Too true!
Finding a good piece of cold press extractor on a reasonable price is not a cup of tea. But Aobosi make dreams come true with the Aobosi cold press slow masticating juicer. In less than 100 bucks, this stuff from Aobosi is so so good!


Another slow masticating machine, this unit is able to suck higher-purity juice without destroying the nutritional value.
Features like less oxidation and no heat build-up, this juicing machine is the finest cold press Aobosi ever produces. The stainless steel blade is really top-notch quality.


Run by 150 watts, this Multi-purpose extractor takes juicing to the next level.
Yeah I may be a centrifugal juicer but spins at 80 RPM. As great as it sounds!
Besides these, this extracts 20% more juice & 30% more vitamins and minerals- what could be better than this? Way better than any other centrifugal juicers!


This stuff is most probably the safest cold press extractor we came across so far.
Featuring safety lock design, this juicer ranked the best juice press for a good reason.
That not all. It will eventually help to wrap and open just within a minute. Less than 60 decibels, this unit is super quiet.
Oh, we forget to tell you the best part.
Reverse function for sure! For this simple yet effective function, cleaning is easier than ever. All parts are detachable and designed with high-quality TRITAN anti-oxidation materials which are actually BPA-free. And the last one but not least, the bonus brush makes cleaning a breeze.

3. Omega Juicer H3000D- – Best For Leafy Greens

Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer Slow Masticating Extractor
For juice or vegetable extractor, the Omega brand has its uniqueness. The brand is a buzzword among juicers.
Wondering why?
The multi-purpose juicer offers you a dual-stage masticating extraction to enjoy more juice. Aristocrat looks and high-quality accessories ease your task.


Omega brand is famous for its system and method of producing juice. First of all, it comes with 5 sizes of cups. These cups are specially designed for fruits, vegetables, and other items. You can easily set them on the juicer and use it.
On top of that, the body is coated with high-quality material. So a good service with a smart look is prominent. On top of that, the juicer has four stabilizing feet to set nicely in your cabinet.


Omega H3000D comes with a 150-watt motor. Here you will get an 80 RPM speed, which is considered the highest rates among all other masticating juicers.
Usually, they have small chutes, but this particular brand gives you a comparatively large pipe, which is Convenient to use.


This one is my #1 choice because of its performance level. Let me tell you it comes with 15 years of guarantee.
The dual auger quickly brings out the wholesome of fruits. From leafy vegetables to crunchy nuts, you will smash everything particles with it.

4. Tribest slow star SW 2000- - Best For Wheatgrass

Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar, Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer
Tribest is, no doubt an excellent slow juicer.
Why are we saying this?
There you will get three-stage reduction prices. If you want to avoid malfunctioning, then choose it. The slower process gives you less oxidized juice.
The vertical juicer has BPA free health grade material, so it is more hygienic to use. The duo auger of the product keeps the pulp dry and slices the food item properly before juicing. So you won’t get any unnecessary fibre.


The red and black casing combo gives a smart look to your kitchen. The 19.5 inches tall pressure makes the crushing process more manageable.
Besides this, the dual auger is the right to rapid actions. It gives you heavy juice without extra pulp. The smooth blending power with less noise will satisfy you the most.


The 200-watt motor gives you the slowest juicing facilities. For masticating juicers, low RPM is a good indicator. The lower the RPM s, the better service it will provide. And the juicer has 40 RPM.So it has the slowest speed, which ensures the best quality juice.


Tribest will offer you outstanding performance with ten years of guarantee, and here you will get mincing facilities too. However, it is low sapped, but it’s the main benefit of the product. It is suitable for nutrient preservation.

5. SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer - Best Juicer for Carrots and Celery

SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer
One thing is pretty sure.
SKG Masticating juicer gives you the best service according to its price. And it is known as a green juicer. The hydraulic presser is specially designed to smash green leafy vegetables with hard fruits like carrots or Apples. The high end and best seller model has a cold spin technology.


The style of SKG A10 juicer is designed with titan food-grade qualities. They are mainly BPA free materials. This juicer is very portable to carry wherever you want to go.
And guess what?
The 21 inches long and 9 inches width appliance are easy to clean. This juicing machine comes with two different types of strainers.
One is for smooth juice, and the other is when you need extra pulp to taste. They provide you a different scrubbing brush for maintaining the strainer.


Here, you will get a 250-watt powerful engine, vast according to other options. But don’t think that it makes juice at high speed. They use 35 RPM to continue the juicing process.


Among all the high price juicers, SKG is good at a considerable price. The less oxidation helps to preserve the juice for about 4-5 days, which is excellent.
On the other hand, this product has a reverse button, so you can easily switch the button even if any particles are stuck onto your machine.
It is good to extract fruit pulps; also, on average, the product extracts 80% juice from delicate fruits. There is an extra foam separator that removes the extra foam while pouring it into the central cup.

Is a cold press juicer better?

Okay, now you have done with the best cold press juicers option, and you might have a question “Is it better among all the options?
Though in the product description part, I tried to make the confusion clear, let’s know what nutritionists say about the quality.
From recent medical- research, 70% of Nutritionist said cold press juicer is one of the best options for regular use, and it is nominated as #1 health grade juicers.
They pointed out that juicers blades have carbon coating, which affects the enzymes as masticating ones have non-blades, so they are safe.
On the other hand, our children usually don’t like VEG, but the green leafy minerals are right for them. So you can pick cold press juicers to get the nutrients for it. Because there’ll be no juice forth except only juice.
Additionally, less sound production and extended-lasting services with an easy maintenance process make the juicer convenient to use. But if you are in a hurry, then don’t go for it.

How long does a cold press juicer take to juice?

Let us say this straight:
Cold press or masticating juicers are known as “slow juicer” also in the market.
The masticating auger needs 40 to 150 PRM to complete the whole process. This may be a shortcoming of the item. But you know, who runs slowly and steadily he wins the race, right? So you can surely go with this.
There is no specific timeframe for the juicing process.
The methods are more comfortable. But as it extracts the nectar from the pulp, so it needs time. So if you make juice of a single fruit, it will take 30-60 seconds to squeeze the whole item.
Although it needs time, your juice will remain fresh for about 72 hours, which is unexpected from any other quick juicers. I would recommend waiting a few seconds more before you are about to enjoy the sip.
cold press juier

How long does a cold press juicer take to juice?

As far I guess, you are puzzled with the question. No worries. I’ll try to clear the confusion.


Most of the juicers have stainless carbon blades. It circulates a mesh filter and extracts juice by a centrifugal force. Then the pulp and juice separate into different containers.
On the other hand, a cold press juicer doesn’t use any blade except a hydraulic pressure to create juice. It just presses on the products then stores dripping juice, and at that time, the pulp and flesh separate automatically.

Heat production

Juicers use a speed process to generate more heat, whereas cold press produces a minimal amount of heat. Cold press juicer doesn’t oxidize while blending.


As usual, juicers have 1000-3000 RPM speed. On the contrary, masticating juicers varies from 40- 1000 RPM.So you can say that basic juicers are best for promptness.

Food quality

Nothing can beat the cold press juicer in terms of food quality, and you can store the juice for 96 hours, at least. But a typical juicer won’t give you the benefit.


You have already seen that the great cold press juicers are also the best in price. They are costlier than any other juicers.
The difference is pretty straightforward. So if I summarize the limes, then I must say all the masticating juicers are essential, but all the basic ones are not masticating juicers.

Is Cold Press Juicer Same As Slow Juicer?

This is one more confusing query to every cold press juicer user. Actually, cold press juicer and slow juicer are the same juicing technique with different names.
A cold press/ masticating one works slowly, so you can categorize it in a slow juicer type.
But if you go through them, then you will find that cold press juicers utilize advanced technology. They come with a single auger and two gears. It uses low temperature to juice while slow juicers are designed with a single auger.
Slow juicers destroy the fibre, minerals, enzyme earlier than a masticating one. The quality of slow juice materials isn’t BPA free. So if you are health conscious, then a slow juicer isn’t for you.

Why a cold press juice so expensive?

Well, if you want a diamond, then it’s evident that you have to pay more.
Cold press juice is like a diamond.
And you know these juicers use an expensive hydraulic pump (HPP) to bring out the juice without destroying the essential food nutrients. Though it seems an easy process behind the scene, it is an expensive story. The manufacturing companies spend a thousand dollars on an HPP.
And if you taste a cold press juice trust me, you will feel the same taste as real fruit.
On top of that, the attractive juice bottles will dazzle your eyes. I hope you may guess how much garden-fresh fruits and reasonable quality packaging costs.
At the same time, the pasteurization process of the juice is up to the mark. They don’t use any heat, so you drink it undoubtedly. A cold press juice is a bottle of freshness. And we love to experiment with freshness.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Cold Press Juicer

All the greatness about those three perfect cold press juicer are about to wrap up. I hope all descriptions help you to choose which is the best cold press juicer?
But a few influential factors may be your trump card while choosing any better version. So try to look for buying.


Keep it in mind that brand value has an extra reputation. Especially when you go to buy any kitchen appliances, then try to buy from a renowned brand. I can guarantee the best service.

Pulp oriented concerns

Masticating juicers deals with the pulps. So you need to focus on them first. First of all, check the yielding pulp amount. Choose one which extracts the pulp more neatly.
After that, look at pulp ejection facilities. Most of the juicers has a pre-set ejection pipe to remove pulp. Suppose there is no such facility, then it’s good to buy an extra one or skip the product. Cause the pulp ejection system Will to ease the operating system.

Tube Size

The preparation time varies according to the tube size. The larger box has enough space to contain a tremendous amount of food items and easily juices them.

Noise level

Don’t forget to check the criteria. Noise level is an essential fact to juice. Because a loud sound can disturb others and also you may feel bored operating the tee machine. Though most masticating comes with less sound, checking is the right decision.

Easy to assemble

Choose a product that comes with an excellent manual, and the assembling process is more straightforward. Otherwise, you have to deal with many hassles because some product is made of high infrastructure. These are sensitive also. So don’t dare to take any risk.

Customer Service

Well, you won’t change the juicer at a regular interval. Typically we prefer to have an extended customer service. So before you purchase, check if they provide you with the necessary sales service or not. Make sure you get an extended warranty with the product.

Quality of the juicer

When you have the best brands and 24/7 customer service, start looking for the quality. It is a vast part. Here you have to examine how much speed of the juicer it has. If they process food at high speed, then if you then cut it from your list.
As more speed produces more heat, so it affects the nutrition level and offers you oxidized juice.

Final verdict

A good sip of juice makes your day with an extra glow.
We all know that, right?
And I hope you have found plenty of reasons to buy. The five juicing machines, as mentioned earlier, are the best cold press juicer in the market.
Well, let me make it clearer. If the quality is your concern Omega Juicers are always here to serve you. Again if you want to start the journey, go with the Tribest one. I bet you will love the quality.
So I think the dilemma is crystal clear.
Now it is high time to place an order at amazon and bring your one at home. Enjoy the morning with healthy and tasty juice!

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