Best Immersion Blender for Soap Making 2022 | Make soap bar from scratch

A piece of soap is that thing you use every day multiple times.
Admit it!
Now imagine how it could be if you make your own soap with your favorite flavor at home. Sounds impossible?
Not at all!
Even in the ancient era, people used to make soap. All you need is the basic ingredients, essential oils, favorite Scents, and most importantly, the Best Immersion Blenders for Soap Making.
Wanna try this wonderful way to enjoy natural, gentle soap?
Cool. Here is our review on the top 5 Best Immersion Blenders for Soap Making that will help you to try homemade soap recipes.
Let’s dive in……

Why choosing an immersion blender for soap making?

Good question.
There are old-fashioned ways to make soap. But there are some reasons why you need to get an immersion blender as a helping hand.
What’s the biggest benefit of an immersion blender is its way of melting things up. It makes the mixture smooth. Besides, there are a few facts that make you choosing an immersion blender over a spoon or whisk.

Best Immersion Blenders For Soap Making| Master The Art Of Soap Making

Among immersion blenders, stainless steel shaft blenders are highly preferable for soap making. A blender that comes up with an ergonomic grip, a good motor, reasonable power usage, and quality speed control is the best immersion blender for soap making.
So, let’s jump into the review section to explore the top list of best hand blenders for soap making that we’ve selected by researching the market and testing each of them.

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

The Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion Blender is by far one of the finest immersion blenders for soap making.
It’s manufactured with care by the brand Mueller Austria, and it comes up with everything you need in a stick blender. The highly versatile speed option and heavy-duty copper motor can make your soap-making easier.
It comes up with a 500-watt powerful motor to make your blending task super fast. The ergonomic and design is pretty decent and sophisticated. This stand mixer for soap-making blender comes up with a silver color body. The grip of this blender offers comfort. You can run on long sessions on blending with this stick blender.
I have to admit one thing:
The specialty of this blender is its copper motor.
This material is a bit rare in this industry, and it’s pretty much 3X long-lasting than other traditional motors. The shaft is made with high-quality material, so it works well with hot solutions as well. The blending arm is removable for cleaning purposes. Besides, the S-shaped fixed blade can easily blend every ingredient.
What else?
Speed is an important matter while you’re blending, and for that, this immersion blender from Mueller comes up with a 9-speed option for versatility. It makes controlling easier and faster. Blending is pretty easy and fun with this stick blender.
What really impressed me most…….
The packaging of this immersion blender is pretty decent, and it comes up with some important accessories. It has a whisk and milk frother for other applications. A user manual is included as well to make your operations comfortable. It’s pretty good to have such accessories though these are not important for soap making.

2. Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender – Best for Vegetables and Fruits

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender
The brand Breville becomes a household name.
And I’m not surprised at all!
They’ve been making kitchen appliances for a long time now and they certainly deserve the limelight.
Now lt’s talk about this one.
This unit comes up with a great grip and a modern aesthetic body to give you peace of mind. It’s basically a stainless-steel blender made for high-temperature applications.
The motor is powerful, and it uses 280 watts of power for blending. The bell-shaped base gives you convenience while you’re blending with this one. The stainless motor is powerful and rotates faster. The revolutionary shape makes sure that it fits well in your kitchen. It also has an internal ribbing that easily lessens the suction for smooth control.
What about the handle?
It comes up with a trigger operation and a pistol shape ergonomic handle. This handle is comfortable, and with this shape, you can easily hold this machine for hours. This shape is given thinking of long hour blending sessions. The immersion depth for this blender is 8” that can fit bigger size jars or pots.
Now come to speed.
The adjustable speed makes sure that you’re blending your solution with care and control. The 1-speed option is not preferable for soap making; we all know that. It also features a non-scratch base. This feature helps to prevent scratching pots and jars you’ll be using for blending.
The packaging is pretty great, and this package of Breville immersion blender comes up with a 42 Oz extra-large jug and a 25 Oz chopping bowl. A whisk is added to the packaging as well. The stick blender provides a 1-year warranty feature to make your purchase more worthy.
Immersion Hand Blender, UTALENT 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender
I feel like the brand, Utalent is pretty underrated in this culinary world.
Their stuffs are really dope, man!
If you’re brave enough to give a chance to the new brand, then start with this stuff. This one from them is good and enough to meet your expectations. This immersion blender is one of the best soap-making blenders for its speed control and Bisphenol A Free construction. A 600 ml Container is also included with this one.
The design is outstanding, and the color for this hand blender is white.
The stainless-steel material makes it long-lasting and durable. This can be your priority if you’re looking for the best budget-friendly immersion blender. The motor uses 120 volts of alternating current (AC). It’s pretty powerful and can get your job done quickly.
Too cool!
The attachments of this blender are detachable, and you can clean up quickly. They are dishwasher safe, and there’s no chance of Bisphenol A problems. It comes up with an 8-speed control to make your blending and shaking easier.
So why I recommend it for soap making?
For milkshakes or soups, it can run on a turbo mode. The motor comes up with a design that makes less noise and gives you peace of mind.
The thick stainless-steel shaft is durable and works with high-temperature solutions as well. It comes up with a 4-blade high-efficiency system to make your blending and shaking easier.
By the by, necessary accessories are included with this blender. While you’re buying this, you’ll be getting a milk frother, mixing wand, a 600 ml beaker, and a 500 ml food chopper as well.
Besides, there’s a warranty feature included with this package that makes your purchase more specific and reliable.
Immersion Hand Blender
Yes, another one also comes from the brand Utalent.
The big difference is in color, and it comes with a food grinder. Besides, it comes up with an egg whisk that makes your kitchen-based activities more efficient.
It features a 250-watt motor like the previous one. That motor is powerful, and this one comes up with a stainless-steel shaft as well. The 8-speed control is awesome, and the attachments are detachable for easy and quick clean-up. The blender is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Well, the main reason behind keeps another unit from the brand Utalent is basically for the hygienic issue.
As it’s for sensitive skincare!
In this part, they really impress me. Blending with this machine is more hygienic and safe. I also fall in love with the color, suits your decoration and requirements.
Such a cute little multifunctional blender!
The 600 ml beaker and the 500 ml food chopper are real helping hands. It comes up with 4 blades blending system to make everything easier.
This one from the brand Utalent features a warranty from the manufacturer as well, which makes it one of the top immersion blenders for soap. With the warranty, your purchase is more reliable.
Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender
How can you wrap up any blender article without mentioning the name of Cuisinart!
No way.
So unsurprisingly, the last one of our top picks comes from the brand Cuisinart. This smart stick hand blender from Cuisinart comes up with everything you need in an immersion blender.
The classic black finish is absolutely gorgeous!
It has stainless steel as a building material to make your blender last longer. It comes up with a 300-watt power motor that uses direct current to give you the powerful blending and smooth flavor. It can easily cut through everything you’ll be blending. The motor has noise reduction as well.
Besides, the speed control is pretty awesome as it has different modes. The blending shaft is made of high-quality stainless steel to give you comfort while dealing with high temperatures.
It features a comfortable ergonomic handle to make your applications more firmly. The most exclusive thing about this stick blender is its push button. It helps you pause whenever you want and start over again with just a tap. The variable speed slide control is awesome, and you can control the blender easily.
Still not convinced?
It comes up with everything, and the attachments are detachable as well. This blender is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Besides, it comes up with an easy cleaning feature to make your life way comfortable.

Do I need a stick blender to make soap?

The soap-making process requires a stick blender or immersion blender in order to mix the solution up and smoothen it. You can do this process without having an immersion blender using a fork or a whisk. Doing this process takes a long time manually. That’s pretty horrible in this modern era.
You obviously want to save your time and work less for pleasure. You need a stick blender to make soap if you think that way.
What is the difference between a stick blender and a hand blender, and an immersion blender?
There are no big differences between a stick blender and an immersion blender because the main motive of these three types is to blend foods, ingredients without making any mess. All these are the same, and they work the same way.
Immersion blenders come up with bell shapes that stick blenders don’t. You can do everything with both type of blender.

How do I choose an immersion blender for soap making?

When you’re looking forward to buying a blender for making soap, you need to consider a few facts.
That’s for sure!
There are some features you must check before hitting the purchase button. In the competitive market, you might easily get confused because there are plenty of blenders for soap making.
Here we are to help you with that issue. In this section, we’ll be discussing how you can get the best soap making blender and what to check before buying one for you.

The material of the shaft

Now, this is the most important thing to check as you’ll be dealing with high-temperature solutions while making soap. You definitely don’t want a plastic shaft that gets discolored with heat and reacts. You must buy a blender that comes up with a stainless steel shaft.
They are heat resistant and work fine with Lye. If you go for the plastic ones, there are plenty of chances that you’ll ruin your blender for no reason, in some cases your soap-making solution as well.

The handle and the grip

Soap making requires patience, and you need to work plenty of times to get all the process done. In this case, if your blender handle is not comfortable and firm, you won’t be able to work at ease. While buying a hand blender, make sure that your blender comes up with a comfortable grip handle.
Speed control is an important factor too. Buying a blender with a control panel that’s hard to operate is not preferable. By the by, safety locks on blender handles are preferred by some people. But that depends on you. Sticking to the safety lock is pretty tiresome for some people.

The motor and power

This is the main thing about a blender. A blender basically works fully on this and power. Buying a blender that comes up with a low-grade motor isn’t helpful. Motors made with stainless steel tend to last longer than other traditional motors.
Power usage is another important factor. If you want your blender to work fast and powerfully, you need to choose a motor that comes up with at least 200 watts of power usage.

The bell shape

It’s not much important for every culinary activity, but when the task is soap making, you definitely don’t want too many air bubbles into the batter. That’s where the necessity of bell shape begins as it determines how much air will be present there.
There are blenders that come up with bell shapes holding too much air inside the batter. In this case, consider drilling two holes on the bell.

The speed control

Most of the blenders these days come up with an 8-speed mode. If you’re making soap, you know the importance of speedy or slow blend over time. Single-speed blenders tend to work fast only. Those are not good for soap making.
You need to buy a blender that comes up with different speed options that you can apply according to your needs.


While buying a blender for soap making, having accessories is a plus point. Every blender from our top list comes up with essential accessories that you need for other kitchen activities.

Easy cleanup

Cleaning up the blender is a deep headache for some people. In such a case, blenders with detachable attachments are a plus point. Besides, your blender must have to be dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Cost and warranty

You don’t need high-priced blenders to make soap, but having them will give you a premium feel all the time. Blenders in this list are made for mid-budget buyers.
Having a warranty feature is preferable. Electronic things can go bad at any time. So, if you have the warranty backed you up, you can buy a blender with trust.

Will immersion blender scratch pots?

There are blenders that are made for pots and pans. These are non-scratch blenders, and these do not scratch the surface of the pot. Besides, if you don’t own a non-scratch blender, holding the blender lightly touching the bottom of the pot can really help.
To avoid blender scratching, we would suggest you hold the blender from a different angle and avoid pressing harder.

Can you use a hand blender in a saucepan?

Using a hand blender in a saucepan is okay until the saucepan isn’t too wide open to messing everything up. When you’re using a hand blender in a saucepan, make sure the speed of the blender is under control, and it’s low.

Can you use a hand blender in a non-stick pan?

Using a hand blender in a non-stick pan is not recommended. You can use it only if the blender is a non-scratch blender. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a scratched pan. You can avoid scratching by holding the blender from a different angle or lightly as it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan.
Besides, there are four more blenders on this list. You can check those out too!


Making soap is a form of art where you show creativity in the solution. If your solution and mixing aren’t perfect, your art won’t please its audiences. So, you know the necessity of an immersion blender.
What is the best immersion blender for home use?
According to our ranking, the best immersion blender for home use and soap making is the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion Blender. It’s excellent, and it comes up with everything a blender should contain. You can give it a try.
In this article, we’ve tried to review some of the best stick blender for soap making. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us directly.
Stay safe, stay healthy!
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