5 Best Juicer for Carrots 2022 | Juice with Confidence

From boosting metabolism to achieve healthy & glossy skin, carrot juice has tons of miraculous benefits.
It’s not a myth anymore!
Scientist and nutritionist have confirmed, this orange juice is more than a fancy, color drinks. But here is the unsexy part:
As carrots are hard veggies, juicing them is hell tough. For that, you need the best juicer for carrots which is specially designed extractor to squeeze hard veggies.
Still confused how to make carrot juice with a juicer?
The carrot juicer squeezing is a specific high-efficiency apparatus for extracting the juice of carrot and preserving beneficial properties. In this article, I’m gonna overview some of the best carrot juicers which will give maximum juice without losing the nutritious value.

Quick Pick: What Juicer Is Best For Carrots?

  1. Best juicer for carrots and beets: Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine – “Get the juice within a few minutes- the best juicer for hard vegetables”
  1. Best carrot juicer under $200: Cuisinart juicer cje 1000 – A commercial carrot juicer, budget-friendly juicing machine to make your life easier
  1. Best cold press juicer for carrots: Abox Masticating Juicer – “Super easy to use, even a toddler can operate the machine”
  1. Best centrifugal juicer for carrots & leafy greens: AICOK Juicer Extractor – “Juicing carrot is easier than ever- best fruit extractor for hard veggies”
  1. Best manual juicer for carrots & celery: Breville BJE830BSS – “An excellent small carrot juicer for health-conscious people”

Does Juicing Carrots Remove Nutrients?

In truth, juicing doesn’t remove the nutrients from the carrot because when you blend the carrots, the juicer will not remove any part of the carrots. Nevertheless, if you use a masticating juicer, it only produces the watery juice and left the dry cells.
In this matter, you can lose a high amount of nutrients from the carrot.
Another reason you can lose nutrients from the carrot if you pre-boil the carrot before juicing. Now the question is how you can make juice without preventing its nutrients?
A smoothie makes doesn’t leave the dry cells from the carrot that’s why you will get every type of vitamin, nutrients, and other crucial things from carrots. Overall, not every juicer removes the nutrients; only some individual juicing process removes the nutrients.

Getting Started: The Best Juicer for Carrots and Carrots on the Market

So, let’s have a look at our shortlist of best juicer for carrots with their specification, pros and cons.
Juicing hard vegetable like a carrot is not that easy.
You have already faced it, right?
Well, then you should know carrot is on the list of hard vegetables such as celery, ginger root, sweet potatoes. And to extract juice from these veggies, you need a powerful juicer machine-like Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine.

Specification at a glance

My impression

With its giant chute and beast motor, the Big Mouth makes Extracting easier than ever with little prep time required.
Wondering why the mouth of the juicer is so big?
Impressive 3-inch feed chute easily squeezes whole fruits and veggies. And that’s the main reason why we choose this machine for juicing carrot. We really appreciate it as this saves the pre-cutting time.
So far, so good!
What really surprising, this carrot juicer maker can make up 12 oz. of juice in less than half a minute. The pulp bin also looks decent, which will surely stop the process from emptying out the pulp.
Worried about cleaning?
This actually smashed down the cleaning time in half. How? Well, The Sweep cleaning tool is Hamiltons patented and cuts strainer washing time in half. That’s not all; parts are also dishwasher safe, so will take minimal clean-up time.

2. Cuisinart juicer cje 1000 – Best for Vegetables and Fruits

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor
If you are looking for a quiet juicing experience, then this juicer for carrots is the right extractor for you.
Good for you.
Yeah, an electric citrus juicer with a unique style, as well as being powerful and exceptionally quiet.

Specification at a glance

My impression

First and foremost.
The base is round in shape, in chromed aluminium with powder coating available in different colors: black, red, and many more. Both on the beginning and the back, the embossed chrome lettering of the brand stands out.
The plastic lid protects the juicer from dust when not in use. The squeezing cone, the grid, and the collection container are made of stainless steel and easily washed in the dishwasher. One aspect that positively struck us in this regard is the ease with which all the removable parts are disassembled.
Incredible, isn’t it?
Among the elements that characterize this juicer, the anti-drip spout seems exciting and practical. Through a special valve, the spout opens and makes the juice flow into the cup without dirtying the support surface.

3. AICOK Juicer Extractor – Best for High Nutrient Fruit

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor
The third best carrot juicer from our list is AICOK Juicer Extractor.
What so special about it?
This carrot juicer combines the functionality of the lever, for optimal pressure, with the rotation of the cone via an electric motor to get the most out of your carrot fruits.

Specification at a glance

My impression

The detail most brought out by users is specifically this squeezing capability that prevents any waste. If you dislike casting off fruits that could have insured more juice, then this juicer is the right appliance for you.
How can you beat that?
The steel body has a very modern design even if some users complain about the presence of plastic materials that cannot be washed in the dishwasher, forcing manual washing.
Its filter made of stainless steel prevents the juice’s oxidation, which increases its conservation when refrigerated, and that also separates the pulp.
But here’s the problem.
The only drawback highlighted by users is the slightly excessive delicacy of the cap to squeeze carrot fruits and the impossibility of removing it to wash it thoroughly. However, this juicing machine is recommended since it has a low cost even though it is a higher-end juicer suitable for demanding consumers.
Masticating Juicer from ABOX is the extractor designed for home but also professional use, and it differs within our ranking for a compact design, 14.6 x 6.7 x 13.6 inches, as well as for the steel body. The filter, the basket, and the spout were also made of steel.

Specification at a glance

My impression

The appliance has a great power of 1000 Watts. It means making juices in a short time. Moreover, it is sold together with a double cone and a drip-saving spout. So it is suitable for squeezing carrot, oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, and lemons without dirtying the surfaces.
Its operation takes place through a convenient lever.
Once the fruit has been inserted and squeezing has started, a container accumulates juice, until the lever is lowered and it will pour out directly into the glass.
See the difference?
In my opinion, an interesting feature to be included in the review concerns the not particularly noisy operation of Cuisinart CJE-1000, which at the same time guarantees rapidity in preparations and reliability typical of a product also suitable for professional use.

5. Breville BJE830BSS Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer - Cold Press Juicer Machine

Breville BJE830BSS Juice Founatin Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer
How can you make the best carrot juicer list without mentioning one from Breville?
Can’t even imagine it!
So the final selected carrot juicer from our list is Breville BJE830BSS. This is one of the best carrot juicers at a fancy budget from our list.

Specification at a glance

My impression

The Breville BJE830BSS is strongly characterized by its robust and professional appearance. The considerable weight of 14.3 pounds is necessary to keep the juicer stationary when pressing through the lever since it is a manual model.
What about quality?
The cast iron and steel materials and the Spartan lines make it modern and with an attractive design, especially suitable for very large kitchens due to its imposing appearance.
Here is something if safety is a big deal for you:
It has a user safety system that only allows the engine to start when the inlet and nozzle are closed; it is also very silent despite its power and robustness; at its base, it has four rubber feet that adhere to the surface, increasing its stability.
Now listen:
Buyers recommend paying attention to the screws; constant use can lead them to loosen, so it is good to tighten them from time to time to keep the tool always at the peak of its functionality.
We recommend this product, especially if you are organizing parties with friends, and you need a juicer to enrich your drinks with fresh juices. Since it does not emit any annoying noise that could cover up any music or chatting with friends, it is ideal for these events.

How to choose the best carrot juicer?

Carrot juice is the best way to start the day if we have a device that is able to offer us a juice: quickly, without dirtying and squeezing the fruit to the last drop.
Which factor should we know before choosing a juicer?
The factor to be carefully considered when choosing the carrot juicer concerns its structure: by this term, we mean both the dimensions of the product such as weight, size, volume, and capacity of the jug. Well, we would say the design of the model.
The best solution is an electric juicer that ensures speed and optimal results. We see below the most important characteristics that a good product must-have.
Let’s have a look on this section.

Type of use

As often happens, when choosing an appliance, it is good to carefully evaluate the intended use to avoid buying a model that is unsuitable for your needs. The only significant technical data for an electric juicer is power
On the market, there are models with values of a few tens of Watts, which are the ideal solution for those who foresee a very occasional use or for a single who squeezes a single orange every morning.
Why is Juicer type important?
In the online stores or your near shop, you will get several types of carrot juicer, such as smoothie juicer, masticating Juicer, celery juicer, cold press juicer, juice extractor, and other ordinary juicers.
These juicers have their own specific and particular functions and process. Therefore, consider first which types of juicer are easier to use and works perfectly.

How much juice you want to make

From gymnastics to healthy people, carrot juice works magnificently for keeping ourselves healthier. Sometimes it becomes a daily routine for the whole family. Because of it, you have to blend a lot of carrots.
That’s why try to consider how much juice you will require daily and how much juice your juicer can make.

Juicer motor and power

Not every juicer can blend hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots. But if your juicer has a high-quality motor and powerful configuration, then it can blend any heavy vegetables whatever you want. Therefore, try to purchase a durable motorized juicer.

Budget and price

On average, there have various types of carrot juicer prices, and it depends on their quality and workability. Now let’s talk about carrot juicer price.
If you have an $80-$100 budget then probably you will get a medium quality juicer. Rather if you want a high-quality and powerful motorized juicer, then you have to increase your budget within $150 to $200.


Most of the juicer comes with a verity warranty and guaranty limitations. Medium range juicer will provide you 4-5 years of warranty, and some brands could offer you a money-back guarantee too. High priced carrot juicer brand offers an 8-10 years warranty, which is quite beneficial and worthwhile.

Cleaning process

This is the most important option, which you must consider before buying a juicer. Those juicers which have complicated technology and parts, those are literally quite arduous to clean and maintain. Therefore, look first can you separate the juicer for cleaning intentions or not.

Handy function & Structure

I have seen, beginners face trouble while using a juicer for complicated juicing function. That’s why; try to purchase an easily obtainable, usable, and button-friendly juicer instead of other juicers.
An electric carrot juicer almost always has the same operating principle, but its shape can change, presenting substantial differences.
On the market, there are two categories: vertical and horizontal. The former is quite tall appliances that require a certain space to be used with the necessary comfort. They have a classic filter to retain the largest residues, while the juice ends up in a large carafe normally equipped with a dispensing spout with a drip-saving function.

Rotating or lever carrot juicer

To obtain the juice, a carrot squeezer uses the rotation of the cone, which starts following a slight pressure exerted on the fruit. It is the only possible system of operation.
The difference, if any, is in the way pressure is applied: with your hand or with a lever. In the first case, the user will have to press by placing the palm over the carrot fruit, while in the second, he will use a more comfortable lever mechanism.

Practicality of use

There are several factors that affect this aspect: starting with the type of jug. The more practical models have a graduated scale to indicate the maximum capacity. The presence of non-slip rubber feet or suction cups is the guarantees of always having a stable appliance on the work surface.
Very useful is the provision of a compartment inserted on the bottom of the device, where you can store the electric cable to minimize the overall dimensions.

Ease of cleaning

Last but not least, the ease of cleaning remains to be evaluated, quality that decisively conditions practicality. The vertical models and those with dispensing spout and squeezing the lever are the most complicated to clean and require more time as they cannot be completely disassembled.

Why juicer is a higher-end juicer suitable for demanding consumers?

The only drawback highlighted by users is the slightly excessive delicacy of the cap to squeeze carrot fruits and the impossibility of removing it to wash it thoroughly. However, the purchase is recommended since it has a low cost even though it is a higher-end juicer suitable for demanding consumers.
One of the major parts we always avoid while buying something that is the buying guide. As a result, we deceived easily via that product, and after purchasing, we feel sorry badly.
When it comes with buy a carrot juicer, you must consider some point otherwise you can’t be able to purchase a faultless, decent, and unadulterated juicer. Here are some points which you must consider while buying a carrot juicer.
carrot juice

Do you need to peel carrots when juicing?

Basically, the carrot is a natural source of protein, nutrients, and vitamins. When it comes to juicing the carrots people face a little bit confuse about should they peel the carrot or not. Actually, making the juice of carrots with their skin has lots of benefits and as well as they have disadvantages too.
For example, a 100-gram carrot carries 40-41 calories, 88-90% water, and 0.9 grams of protein. If you peel the skin from the carrot then probably you will lose high amounts of protein and vitamin.
In this way, you shouldn’t peel the carrot when juicing. Or if you want a smooth carrot juice, then it’s better to peel out the skin, because skins can’t be bland perfectly.
Other disadvantages like, there has lots of chances to have unusual bacteria on the carrot skin, which could be the reason for your illness. But if you are able to clean the carrot perfectly with vinegar or any acidic liquid; then there will be no bacteria.
Now you have to consider with yourself, you want protein, or you want to save yourself from bacteria.

Can masticating juicers juice carrots?

We both know carrot is one of the hard vegetables and normally blends them is a little bit complicated. But the Masticating juicer is also renowned for making any vegetables and fruit juice.
Indeed, masticating juicers come in several types, such as high-speed, medium speed, and low-medium speed because masticating juicers have persistence and a tough motor that’s why a low-medium speedy juicer can run itself with 65 RPM.
60-70RPM is the fabulous and impeccable speed for blending or juicing the carrots. Also, masticating juicers’ functional design, versatility, and automatic feed functions are quite supportive of juicing any small or larger carrots.

Is bottled carrot juice as good as fresh?

Having fresh carrot juice is as good for your health, but keeping them in a bottle for a long time can be a harmful liquid juice for you.
As a matter of fact, bottled carrot juice disadvantages depends on how long you keep this juice in the bottle and what types of bottle you had been used. The majority of bottled carrots juices are pasteurized juices; but do you know what pasteurized juices are?
Pasteurized is a procedure where manufactures boiled the juice in minimum heat before bottling. In this process, 99.98 % of bacteria have been destroyed by the heat.
You heard that right, 99.98%!
Unfortunately, carrots have some major heat-sensitive vitamin, and heat destroys them too. Another drawback is, if they use plastic for bottling, then we can get diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and even cancer at some points. Consequently, bottled carrot juice is not as good as fresh and raw juice.

Disclaimer: How I Tested and Picked the Top 5 Best Juicer for Carrots

Well, the juicers were selected according to their motor power, silence, and ease of cleaning, anti-drop systems, design, and value for money. After 6 hours of research, we are able to select 5 best carrot juicers on the market with a unique design and reasonable price.
For whom this guide for?
If you are tired of the carrot juicers on the market and have decided to invest a little more to buy a product that satisfies you, this guide on the best professional juicers of 2021 will help you analyze the characteristics of the products and choose wisely.
Why are they perfect for making juices?
The so-called juice extractors are the perfect kitchen tools to squeeze fruits. Such perfection is because they are built to improve or optimize the extraction of juices, the power of their motors. It is possible to extract as much of the liquid as possible, also said low-rev movement helps to keep all the nutrients and enzymes of the juices intact, as well as their natural flavor.

Bonus tips: Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of professional juicers are generally very easy to do. In most cases, the parts that come into contact with the liquid are removable.
In other cases, they are completely removable, all for better and more in-depth cleaning. It should be noted that all are compatible to be washed in a dishwasher. You can maintain these rules for long time use.

Final Verdict

As its name says, this juicer is easy to love; it has the necessary attributes to be the perfect tool for the kitchen. It’s medium power motor is combined with an optimal slow extraction system that guarantees the highest possible amount of juice from each fruit that is introduced into it.
These are extremely silent, robust, and resistant, with an aesthetic design; in short, it is a complete professional juicer that everyone would like to have in their home. In this topic, we were tried to cover some best juicer for carrots details for you.
You can purchase one of them according to your own budget. If you need any asks let me know via message directly.
Have a nice day ya’ll!

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