Best Juicer under $100 | Top 5 Picks for 2022

Eating healthy is damn expensive.
And hurts wallets!
One of the most famous myth Americans believes blindly. The truth is eating healthy is cheaper than you think.
Think I’m exaggerating?
Heck no, it’s possible if you choose smartly.
Let me take a wild guess you’re now excited to try. But your grumpy wallet isn’t permitting you to spend more on juicer with an intelligent blending machine, some colorful fruits and vegetables.
No worries, we’re here to save you.
I can help you with the best juicer under $100 to make any gloomy day colorful which are surprisingly cheap as well as handy.
So if you want to meet the craving and keep saving, stay connected to us till the end.

Quick Pick: What is the best inexpensive juicer?

  1. Best centrifugal juicer under $100: Breville juicer – Traditional Centrifugal Juicer and top juicers under 100”
  1. Best juicer under $50: Aicok juicer juice extractor – “Juicers that use the whole fruit and blend within no time”
  1. Best masticating juicer under $100: Mueller Austria juicer ultra 1100w power – A High-speed juicer that works tremendously well even with pulp”

Is it worth it to buy a juicer?

Though it comes with hassles like damp climate, itchy scalp, clingy mood, etc., the rainbow is the most colorful part of the monsoon, right?
It’s not easy to go out and enjoy the aesthetic scene nowadays. So what if you can bring a budget-friendly rainbow on your table?
Don’t beat me, please, a glass of juice made with different fruits and veggies is always a glass of rainbow to me, and I’m sure you’re going to call it ‘Homemade rainbow.
There are different types of Juicer in the market, such as
Blending is an art that requires almost similar skills of painters and artists. They stay on budget to create some of the artistic blockbusters. The same goes for juice lovers like you.

5 Best Juicer under $100 to Give Fresh Fruit & Veggies a Spin

As we are not sure about your taste, we tried to pick the best ones from each category. All of them are the best juicer machine $100. Have a look.
Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact, Centrifugal Juicer
A silver beauty!
What else can we say? Centered knife blade assembly makes this juicer one of the finest picks in a modest price range. We actually surprised to see how they are offering a multi-tasking juicer with lots of additional features in this price range.


The reason we put the mechanism of the machine above everything is that it really a big issue of quality.
Yep, as we mentioned earlier, it’s a Centrifugal type of juicer.
First and foremost, 3″ circular feed tube is the best part that keeps it ahead from the rest of the other, which is processes whole veggies and fruits very quickly without destroying the fiber. 700-watt motor runs at 14,000 RPM for smooth operation.
What about voltage? No worry, 110/ 120 Volt is pretty convenient for everyone we guess.


When it comes to speed, it pretty impresive we have to admit. 5 Speeds ranging from 6,500rpm to 13,000 RPM, that means this unit is more than enough power for making smoothie and juice.

Food Grade Quality

Heavy grade die-cast metal body means the user won’t have tension on quality. Apart from these, Stainless steel micromesh filters and puree disc makes it safer for children and newborn.

Safety issues

Safety feature- the main reason why we choose this machine as top pick in our list!
You heard that right! It comes with a safety locking arm. What so special about it? Juicer won’t operate without cover in place, and you lock the machine in the vertical operating position. Cooler than ever, isn’t it?


In less than 100 bucks, the machine serves great value, no doubt about it.
Mueller Austria Juicer
The name centrifugal indicates that the Juicer uses a central power to cut the items.
There is a flat cutting blade and spinning strainer in every centrifugal Juicer. Whenever you switch on the Juicer, it uses centrifugal v force and detaches the body’s juice.


A well-mechanized machine can serve you for a long time. And it is hectic to change home appliances frequently. We keep the Juicer at the top of the list because it deserves the crown.
This Juicer has a stainless steel blade with a low countertop. It is a centrifugal juicer. As its name indicates, This Juicer comes with an 1100 watt motor with a dual-speed setting.
With the high capacity and power, you will get a glass of juice within a few seconds. If you are on a rush, there is no other alternative to this machine.


It will provide you with two different ranges of speed for every type of fruit and vegetable. The speed of the motor ranges between 1200 RPM to1800 RPM. The soft one is for soft veggies, and the harder one is for veggies like potatoes.

Food Grade Quality

If you are paying something, then check if it improves you or not. The Juicer has an Italian micro-mesh filter that can squeeze more nutrients from the ingredients.
On top of the materials are a BPA (Bisphenol A, chemical synthetic product) free, ensuring health safety.

Safety issue

Well, you don’t want any accident while using any juicer. Muller Austria will be the best choice for you in this aspect.
The brand will provide a locked arm with a cover to keep the machine fixed in a particular space so that they remain safe while operating.
It will be safe from any electric issue as it is designed with an overload protection system. That’s why when the juicer cant handles any excessive pressure or overheating, it automatically stops. Besides these, it has a three feed chute, which helps to avoid spillage.


And if you worry about the price, let me tell you it is one of the best Juicers under $100 with two years of warranty. You will have to pay around 70$ to grab this masterpiece.
Keep it in mind that you shouldn’t use it in an unstable voltage or with a damp hand. It may cause short-circuit that can lead to the fire.

3. Joccu Slow Masticating Juicer Machine – Reverse Function

Juicer Machines
If you find an all in one Juicer within your tight budget, then we will suggest you go for the Joccu brand. The Joccu Slow Masticating Juice machine is one of the best masticating juicers under 100 dollars.


First of all, it is a Masticating juicer. Well, masticating means it uses a slower pressing than other machines. They are also known as slow Juicer. It uses less than 100 PRM during production.
They are known as the best slower Juicer under 100 dollars. Due to the slower process, it doesn’t produce any excess heat in the motor. That’s why it can maintain the freshness and exact flavor than any other cold press juicer. All parts of the Juicer are detachable, and you can easily reassemble it without any difficulties.


Like the previous centrifugal Juicer, it has 2 different types of speed for other fruits or vegetables. There is a cold press juicer combined with automatic motor safety chips.
As a result, the jucco Juicer will take a 20 minutes interval after every operation. It cools down the motor and ensures the longevity of the Juicer.

Food Grade Quality

All materials are BPA free, so it is 100% safe for use. Moreover, it prevents food from oxidizing and keeping freshness for a longer time than centrifugal ones.
This machine has a sharp blade that can remove peels and seeds of fruit or vegetables, so there is no indigestion chance.

Safety issues

There is a small feeder chute so it can prevent users from any injury. As it has a slow and quiet motor, it creates sound less than 60 decibels, ensuring a calm environment.
And if you think about the Juicer’s safety, then clean it after every use whenever you reassemble it according to the manual.


Well, masticating juicers are a bit pricey, but we’ve promised you to give you the best machine for juicing, and we are telling you that it is worth the money with a three years warranty. In less than 100 dollars, you won’t expect anything better than it.

4. CalmDo Masticating Slow Juicer Extractor - Ideal for Nutrient Fruit

calmdo masticating juicer
CalmDo is another masticating juicer.
But this one is different from the Jucco Masticating. You can say it is an ancient type of Juicer. You have probably experienced the time when our elders squeeze fruits or vegetables to get their juice.
They even believed that their process is much better than commercial juicers. CalmDo mainly follows the same ancient process of juice. It is an extractor rather than a juicer.
Besides this one, CalmDo has many more features. I’ve summarised it for you. Let’s have a look.


CalmDo has no blade in its motor. This juicer press and squeezes items to make a choice rather than cutting them.
It has a 70RMP motor, which can bring out the 90% extract. As the process is like hand-made juice, so you don’t have to experience clogging issues in it.
Four pieces of non-slippery suction lids help to stick firmly to the counterpart. Its 140watt self-adaptive speedy motor can give you a glass of juice within a minute. One more fantastic feature of this machine is it can work in less power and save extra energy for future use.

Food Grade Quality

As there is no blade in it and the Juicer produces juice from extracting, it is apparent that juice quality will be praiseworthy. So the juice contains all the essential food values.
The Juicer is built with ceramic, which prevents the oxidation of the food. This cute sized Juicer is FDA approved. So you should not worry about the safety of the machine.

Safety issues

CalmDo Juicer is safe for all ages of people. Anyone at your home can separate the parts and re-join them according to the manual. As there is no sharp blade, so no chance of injury.
Moreover, it doesn’t produce any heat while squeezing. So you can calmly use it. There are two different screens on it. But these two screens filter their product after every use, like a mesh filter.


As I said earlier, masticating juicers are expensive. But you see, they are somehow logical because it is FDA approved, and there is no BPA in the materials.
But don’t think that it is beyond your budget. You’ll get a fascinating cameo juicer within 100$ in any local Shop. The shop owners have an adequate supply because it is one of the best extractor juicers at 100 dollars.

5. Aicok juicer juice extractor - Anti-drip and BPA Free

aicok juicer
AICOK Centrifugal Juicer Extractor is also known as a conventional juicer.
Here is why:
As a centrifugal machine focuses on pressure, their machine has to be a more sophisticated motor, and as the name says, this brand provides you a wide range of engines. On top of that, they give you sharp blades. Despite these, this machine has more extensive features. Let’s focus on its other features.


It has a 1000 watt speed motor with a 75 feed chute. So it can precisely make juices from fruits and vegetables, keeping the food nutrient intact.


Like all the previously mentioned Juicer, it has two types of speed mode. The rate ranges from 16000PRM to 18000 PRM.
On the other hand, the light speed ranges from 12000 RPM to 16000 PRM.

Food Grade Quality

The Juicer keeps all the nutrients intact, so you can quickly drink it. And top of that, here all material is BPA certified, so there is no health risk to use it.

Safety Issues

There is a central stainless steel blade. So it should keep out of the children’s reach—one more thing the machine tends to overheat. Excessive heat can create a short circuit. To prevent this, don’t use it for a long time. Give at least 10 minutes break in two intervals.

Is it possible to get a decent juicer under $100?

Yes, it’s possible.
Though we know the best product demands a high price, it doesn’t mean that mid-range products are not suitable.
Firstly, can you please clear me what factors categories a decent juicer?
I think you will go for a well-balanced motor, dual speed, food-grade materials, and easy maintenance process, above all, a tasty juice full of vitamins.
If so, then let me tell you that you can find any juicer like the cold press, centrifugal, or an extractor at a cheap rate, and they are best.
And if you haven’t read my writing on the best Juicer under $100, try to look. I think it will clear all of your concerns regarding a decent juicer. You may find my list classy and comfortable.

How to Choose the Right Affordable Juicer?

Choosing the rights and affordable juicer is both comfortable and difficult. It’s easy because you know the price range you can afford but consequently tricky as the options are endless.
However, you can follow these proven strategies backed by market research and user experience; you will come back from the store with the best and affordable machine for your kitchen.

Juicer Type

Masticating and Centrifugal juicers are dominating the market now.
The centrifugal one comes with high RPM and makes juice in the quickest time. Nevertheless, there will be no traces of pulp in it.
I know some of you love to have come pulp on each sip and masticating juicers are great. This slow but super powerful juicer ensures maximum yield with the pulps.
Due to the higher fiber content, juices made from slow juicer are more nutritious than the fast juicer.


Price is the most important factor while looking for an affordable juicer when you are balancing between budgets and buying, it’s best to go with preference.
Masticating juicers are more expensive than centrifugal juicers. However, the masticating version is loaded with features, though. So, if you prefer features over function pick the high-powered masticating one.

Speed Settings

Basic juicers come with just an on-off switch. This limits the ability to pick the way you want your juice. Slow speed makes pulpier whereas the faster speed settings pulverize the fruits and veggies.
High-end juicers come with multiple speed settings to use according to the ingredients. Hard fruits with faster RPM will definitely make a disaster. The same goes for soft veggies at a slower speed.
Therefore, it is essential to pick multi-speed juicer to add diversity in your juicing menu.

Ease of Use

Anything that is easy to use is loved most by the user. Think about apple devices. They are not only sleek but also super easy to use. No wonder you will always find a big crowd in their store all around the year.
A juicer can be called easy to use if you can clean and maintain it easily. Ergonomic design, stainless steel blade, and safe motors make any juicer the ‘king of ease’ in any kitchen.
Moreover, dishwasher friendly juicers are more popular among users. So, when you are choosing one for you, make sure you can clean it easily.

Why is a Masticating Juicer Better?

Masticating Juicer follows a slow process to make juice from your item. They crushed the item in between 80-100PRM and then sent these in a sharp screen.
According to most of the chefs, masticating juicers are better choices. They have a strong logic behind the fact. They figured out some points, and they are:

Beneficial to health

If you are conscious about your health, and cold press juicer will be the best choice.
From recent research, physicians assure that a masticating juicer is way more useful for cancer patients than a centrifugal juicer or blender.

Saves More

Masticating juicers can save your pocket. Yeah, I know the brand itself is pricey but think that centrifugal cuts the pulp and half of the fruit go in the waste. But masticating extract juices from the whole product, so it deserves a pocket saving award.

Ensure more nutrients

Well, if you have already understood how masticating works, you can relate it with our mouth. It’s something like taking, squeeze and drink type juicer. This particular prevents oxidation, which means 8t will give you the whole minerals and enzymes stored in the fruits.
One more thing, it is good to handle leafy vegetables so that it will be the best option for your children.

Keep the freshness for at least three days

A usual centrifugal juicer spins more than a thousand times per minute. When we cut fruits and vegetables, the cell walls break and become air sensitive.
So you have to drink the juice within 24 hours to avoid any toxicity. Use this in your busiest schedule. Just drop the fruits, and within a minute, it’s ready to drink.
On the other hand, masticating juicer squeeze and grind, so there is no chance of oxidation. And less oxidation means YOU can store the juice for a long time. But doctors advised to keep them only for 72 hours. It is going to be your best friend when you are at home.

More extended warranties

Masticating may ask for a high price, but it also makes the best use of your money. It gives you a 10-12 years warranty. What more to expect from a mid-level juicer? In my opinion, it deserves a good mark for being the best Juicer under $100.

What is the easiest Juicer to clean?

Fruit juice is excellent for health. Getting more minerals and vitamins is accessible from it. However, a messy juicer will not only mess with your kitchen but also with your health.
So when you buy a juicer, try to make sure it is easy to clean because hygiene matters most rather than price.
Well, saying anything is easy but it’s challenging to do them. I am also struggling to find an easy to clean Juicer. So I have researched a little bit. And I am sure the outcome will make your task of picking the perfect one easier.
Usually, a masticating juicer is easier to clean rather than any centrifugal juicer.
Centrifugal Juicer owns a lot of parts, which is challenging to assemble frequently. On top of that, this type of Juicer keeps a large amount of pulp inside the blade. It results in fermentation and lessens the sharpness of the blade. Some centrifugal doesn’t come with an extra Brush to clean, so the process gets messier if you think to do it yourself.
In this part, masticating ones are winners because of their blending process. They grind it so you CNN quickly get rid of all the excessive pulps of the product.
Masticating juicers are dishwasher friendly. If you use a few drops of dishwashing liquid with water, it will shine like new one. And it’s easy to detach and clean. But if you want your product to run more, then go forhand wash.
And the more convenient part is, it comes with a brush so you can now clean all the stubborn corners of your Juicer.

What shouldn’t you expect from a cheap juicer?

The bitter truth part!
We know budget-friendly juicers are our life saviour cause most of us don’t like to drink the juice. It is just okay in scratching summer. And so it won’t be a wise decision to buy a costlier product.
But as you are paying for it, then you deserve the best. If you want to be satisfied with your cheap but multitasking Juicer, please don’t expect the following things.

High-quality materials

Well, most of the high-end brands come with more price. On the contrary, cheap brands come with average materials. So don’t expect a high-quality finish from your one. It won’t be as sturdy as a 500 dollar one.

Well-fitted mechanism

Well, most of the cheap brands can’t assure you that your juice won’t drip from the cage, or it gives you a moderate sound. They are only designed to serve you the juice and nothing else. Moreover, most of these brands come from South Africa or china. I think you know about their quality service.

Food-grade Plastic

Yes, it is good to see a colorful juicer on your table. But sorry to say that it can be harmful to you. This is a temporary color. It’s not safe as well because food-grade material is costlier to use.

Better replacement

Most of the budget-friendly juicers offer you a long term warranty. Don’t fall for their promotional offer, please. Except for some renowned brand, you won’t get a satisfactory replacement.

Final verdict

Hens or eggs -which came first on the earth, do you know it?
This question has no specific answer, and like that, I can’t help you with the exact solution of which one is the best juicer under $100.It is you who can decide about your homemade rainbow. I’ve provided the four best options for your hectic days and relaxing weekends.
However, in our list, there is 5 best Juicer under $100 from centrifugal and masticating categories. So why don’t you try both types of juicers? As they are budget-friendly, you can surely go for it.
It’s time to say goodbye. Hopefully, our recommendation will help you to get the perfect one!

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