5 Best Wheatgrass Juicer 2022 for Daily Vitamins and Nutrition

Dieting is super hard!
Especially when the fast-food chains are everywhere.
The truth is we can’t avoid the modern lifestyle. But what we can do is balance the unhealthy food cycle with a healthy one.
The result?
From Naomi Campbell to Jenna Dewan, healthgurus and supermodels are in the poetry-Ahhh, Celery, “a miracle juice”. Start the morning with celery smoothie is the new craze.
Leafy greens juices are all the rage. We may notice, health guru’s are promoting greeny leafy like kale, celery and wheatgrass.
Never heard anything about wheatgrass?
Well, this may look like regular backyard grass, but surprisingly enough it’s a superfood with numerous nutrition and several health benefits. If you want to extract the maximum benefits from this Common Wheat plant, you need the best wheatgrass juicer in your kitchen.
We have rounded up the best juicer for wheatgrass that will offer both the highest ease and maximum efficiency in juicing.

Quick Pick: What Is The Best Juicer For Wheatgrass?

  1. Best juicer for wheatgrass and leafy greens: Lexen juicer manual
  2. Best manual wheatgrass juicer: Handy pantry hj hurricane stainless steel manual wheatgrass juicer
  3. Best commercial wheatgrass juicer: Omega nc900hdc juicer extractor
  4. Best electric wheatgrass juicer: Aicok slow masticating juicer
  5. Professional wheatgrass juicer: Koios juicer slow masticating juicer

What Is Wheatgrass Juice Needed For?

Triticumaestivum plant is the source of wheatgrass, and it is one of the super potent food items. Wheatgrasses, health benefits list, is of utmost long. It is available as juice, powder, and supplement form.
Read below to learn the health benefits of wheatgrass juice.
Pack of Different Health Beneficial Ingredients
Wheatgrass contains many different nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial properties.
Combining all these significant health beneficial ingredients, wheatgrass has become an extraordinary choice to improve any person’s health. Wheatgrass contains:

Effectively Removes Toxin

Nutrients are an effective source of removing stored impurities and toxins from the human body. For instance, to detoxify the body, chlorophyll plays a vital role. Also, the liver function gets improved because of chlorophyll. Moreover, drinking wheatgrass juice will clean your body, remove toxins, and you will start feeling energetic than before.

Improves Digestion

Wheatgrass is full of enzymes that break down food, and nutrients of our body. As a result, improvement happens in our digestion process.
Our intestines get cleaned because of the wheatgrasses detox effect, and thus we feel less abdominal discomfort and gas. We also get relief from different digestive issues with the help of wheatgrass juice.

5 Best Wheatgrass Juicer Reviews You Wouldn't Want To Miss

Let us confess something straight:
You can use every slow and manual juicer to extract fluids from this nutritious plant. However, not all of them will give the best outcome to enjoy the fullest nutrition. You will be surprised to see both mechanical and manual juicers in our review.
Yes, we prefer both the design to balance between cost and convenience.
If you have a hectic life but a healthy wallet, the slow mechanical juicers will be perfect. Otherwise, the manual juicers will give you the same benefits without shredding the already grumpy budget.
Here is our review on top 5 best Wheatgrass Juicer to make your life lot easier.

1. Aicok slow masticating juicer – Quiet Motor & Reverse Function

aicok slow masticating juicer
Quiet in making sound but loud in making a big impact in wheatgrass juicing-this explains the greatness of the AICOK juicer more than anything.

Specification at a glance

My impression

The 150-watt motor is the heart of this cold pressing slow juicer. With only an 80-RPM speed, the spiral system auger can extract 90% more juice than any slow juicer in the market.
Both slow speed and efficient auger prevents any extra heat and so the oxidation. Now you will get all the nutrition without any chemical altercation.
Any leafy green is fibrous and ends up with a whole lot of pulp. And these pulps can block the moth and stop juicing. But you don’t have to face this issue with the AICOK juicer. The reverse function switch removes the blocked pulp with only a press of a button.
Good for you!
The plastic body and interior of the juicer are made with BPA-free plastic. SO you can rely on it without the fear of contamination. Moreover, it keeps the nutrition intact.
Working with this juicer at home is very convenient. It makes such low noise that anybody can sleep like a baby while some serious juicing is going on. The juicer is safe for your baby too. The BPA-free plastic makes sure no chemical reaction with any food made with it.
Separating juice and removing pulp is easy with AICOK electric juicers. The spiral auger does all the hard work. You can use it with peace of mind as it carries all the major standard seals like UL and ETL.
Last but not least is the 3-years quality assurance from the makers.

2. Omega Nc900hdc Juicer Extractor – 150-Watt and Metallic

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor
No matter how coarse or finely you want the juice, the machine can make it. All you have to do is change the end cap.
It’s true!
With its 13-lbs weight, it will rule in any kitchen, and the weight will help to squeeze the maximum yield from any green leaves.

Specification at a glance

My impression

The best thing about this high-end juicer is the 15-year warranty. You may have to use a part of your savings to get it, but the investment is worthy.
What does this mean to you?
You can get both the pulp and the raw juice from this dual-stage slow juicer. Powerful 2-HP motors quietly extract the fluids from any vegetables, fruits, or leafy greens like wheatgrass. Fiber content won’t create any issues as the spiral auger can squeeze them evenly with high pressure.
The 5-speed settings are ideal for dealing with almost every type of food. As we said, earlier, the investment is totally worthy. Because making baby food, nut butter, paste, or puree is super easy with this diverse juicing machine.
One thing is for sure.
You will love the stability of this heavyweight slow juicer.
With a wider feeding chute, you can put any size of vegetables, fruits, or leafy greens. However, make sure you cut them into pieces. Otherwise, the auger can get stuck. The wider chute will save juicing time when you are on the run.
Cleaning and maintaining this great juicer is easy. You can disassemble the parts and wash them separately. The chrome finish will ensure the shine and outlook after each wash.
Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
The first manual juicer of our list will remind you of the old days—the days when we were more on to ‘from the scratch’ rather than faster speed.
This stainless steel manual juicer got its name Hurricane because it can literally demolish the long fibers of wheatgrass to extract the maximum nutrition. You will find the auger of this handy juicer sturdy to press and pulverize any fibrous leafy greens like barley grass or wheatgrass and extract the juice.

Specification at a glance

My impression

If you love to travel but don’t want to compromise with a healthy lifestyle, this rustic juicer will be your best companion. The 2 ¼-inches thick and 1-inch deep clap system of this juicer can attach it on any countertop or tables. No matter if you are travelling in an RV or Van, all you need is an edge of a table.
The rubber padding on the clamps will keep the surface of the table or countertop free from any scratches.
If your partner is not a big fan of this handy juicer, you can easily change the mindset in two ways. Firstly, with a glass full of green goodness and secondly, showing how safe it is to use.
And guess what?
Like its simple use, the juicer is easy to clean. You can easily disassemble and wash individual parts separately. The metal components of the juicer are made with stainless steel. So there is no chance of any rusting or discolouration. The polymer handle is crack resistant and resistant to any moisture-related damage.
This multipurpose juicer comes with 5 years limited warranty. And if you are living inside the mainland USA, great customer care services will always make you feel special.

4. Lexen Juicer Manual - Manual Juicer

The ORIGINAL Healthy Juicer
If you love the Handy Pantry Hurricane for its robustness, you will surely love this healthy juicer for its ultra lightweight and faster outcome when it comes to top manual wheatgrass juicer review, one of the best wheatgrass juicers that gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Specification at a glance

My impression

A high-quality plastic body makes the juicer lighter and easy to move almost anywhere. The juicing process with this manual juice extractor is easy. All you have to do is to chop your favourite leafy green in the auger and rotate it.
The auger may be made with durable plastic, but the stainless steel tip ensures maximum pressure and pulverizing on the greens. Now, extracting all the vitamins and nutrients from the wheatgrass is easy as a breeze.
You can use this healthy plastic juicer to extract fluids from leafy greens like spinach, kale, collard, parsley, and wheatgrass. If you want to add some red or orange in the green, go with carrots. It can squeeze them too.
Too good!
Cleaning and using this juicer is easy. Like any manual juicer, you just have to put the greens inside and will get the nutritious juice as an outcome. You can disassemble individual parts and clean them separately.
The clamp will attach the juicer with any flat surfaces like a tabletop or countertop. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or on the trip, you just have to clamp the juicer to get the clear green benefits.
Get it?
It takes only 30-seconds to get juices from the greens with this BPA-free plastic juicer. The whole preparation shouldn’t take more than 5-minutes. The makers of this eco-friendly juicer were tired of spending their fortune on high-end mechanical juicers and came up with such a simple but effective solution around a decade ago.
KOIOS Juicer
Every juice made from KOIOS juicer will be light in color.
Does it mean the juice contains less nutrition?
It’s the opposite, light color means least oxidation and preservation of maximum nutrition.

Specification at a glance

My impression

This slow masticating juicer from KOISO offers 60% less oxidation than any slow juicer in the market. Moreover, it also comes with around 10% extra vitamin than any juice made by the other leading brands. How great is that?
Another great feature of this twin gear juicer is the 3-stage spiral auger. This ensures you get 85 to 90% more juice than any slow or centrifugal juicer. The smoother finish of the auger also ensures less clogging and less pulp.
If you are not a great fan of pulps, this KOIOS juicer is a perfect choice.
Stainless steel filters are delicate to leave the tiniest pulp behind and serve you only the liquid nutrition. Now starting the day or hitting the gym with more vitamins and antioxidants is like a breeze.
KOISO slow juicer is specially designed for people with very busy schedules. The wider chute is there to cut down juicing time and also shorten the preparing time. Now you can extract juice from any veggies, fruits, or leafy greens.
You can put the whole fruit if they are soft. Otherwise, cut them into pieces.
BPA-free plastic ensures food safety for your family, especially for the children. Unlike the centrifugal juicer, the smooth auger has no issue of accidentally cutting your finger while cleaning. By the way, cleaning is super easy for this slow juicer. Separate the pieces and wash them individually.
BPA-free made, and food-grade quality auger make juices with least oxidation and chemical alteration. So, you can store and drink the juice for up to 72-hours. And no one will find any difference in the taste.

Do you need a special juicer for wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass needs a special juicer because if you use a blender and blend them, blending will leave paste behind. This is the reason; wheatgrass requires a special juicer.
Now you might be thinking, which juicer should I prefer from the oceans of wheatgrass juicer?
To answer your question, we made this section.
In the market, you will find 3 different types of wheatgrass juicers. And depending on your requirement, you should purchase any of them. Let’s read below to learn more about these wheatgrass juicers.

Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

This type of juicer is an ideal choice for making heavy-duty commercial grade wheatgrass juice.
The operating power of this type of juicer is pretty amazing. In a minute, it can process 5-oz wheatgrass with 70 RPM speed.
This mega wheatgrass juicer can also prepare juice of other leafy greens like spinach, sprouts, and herbs.
Key features of stainless steel wheatgrass juicer are:

Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

These juicers are also made with stainless steel, but the basic difference with the stainless steel wheatgrass juicer is their design and working process.
To process wheatgrass juice, you will need to clamp it on a countertop or set up the built-in suction cup. And you will be ready to make wheatgrass juicer anytime.
Key features of Manual Wheatgrass Juicers are:

Masticating Wheatgrass Juicer

Can you juice wheatgrass in a centrifugal juicer?
This is the most popular type of wheatgrass juicer. These juicers can prepare wheatgrass juice and are efficient enough to make juice of other leafy greens.
However, all you need to do is, cut 3” of wheatgrass and put it to the juicer to prepare the juice. It is advisable not to put more than 3” wheatgrass into the juicer to avoid any wrapping up.
Key features of Masticating Wheatgrass Juicers are

How long does wheatgrass last after juicing?

Many of us get frustrated about storing homegrown wheatgrass. To get the maximum health benefit, wheatgrass should be stored as juice. So, the lifespan of wheatgrass after juicing depends on how you are storing it.
A wheatgrass juicer is the best option to extract juice from the crop of wheatgrass. It would be best if you drink the juice without making it late. Immediate drinking of the wheatgrass juice will give you superior health benefits.
You can refrigerate it too for an hour or less in an airtight container. Though the taste, composition, and flavor will change and health benefits will also reduce.
Moreover, using an ice cube tray to freeze additional wheatgrass juice as another option. This option is beneficial because refrigerating may spoil the juice within 1 hour. But keeping it in ice form will keep the juice in good condition at least for 7 days. Renowned Health Expert Ann Wigmore tells that, compared to refrigerated wheatgrass juice, the frozen option contains many more health benefits. However, the activeness of juice enzymes reduces a lot.
Place the frozen cubes in a glass and run hot water to dissolve it quickly. The frozen wheatgrass will spoil if you decide to dissolve, keeping it in a warm condition.
It is always advisable to drink wheatgrass juice. It is because you will get maximum health benefits only by drinking fresh wheatgrass juice.

Can you eat wheatgrass without juicing it?

Wheatgrass Juicer review
Wheatgrass is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. And the best health benefit is ensured if only you drink the juice of it.
One question might have popped up in your mind. Can I eat wheatgrass without juicing it?
In fact, wheatgrass is also available as a supplement, and many people are consuming it to improve their health.
Additionally, a frozen, dried, or dehydrated form of wheatgrass is also available to prepare powder. Moreover, wheatgrass capsule and tablet form is also getting popular nowadays because of their high portability feature.
However, it is recommended to check the label before buying raw wheatgrass. Heated wheatgrass during processing is available, and you will find it in the label.
You can blend wheatgrass powder with any other leafy greens juice, water, or can make smoothies. Fresh wheatgrass is also available in different food stores, and you can eat them raw.

Things to Consider While Buying a Juicer for Wheatgrass

Buying a cheap product will never give you the best result. And fortunately, many manufacturers are manufacturing quality wheatgrass juicers.
So, the question is, how will you understand that your selected wheatgrass juicer is best in type? What considerations play a major role in picking the best wheatgrass juicer?
Read below to learn more.

Juicer type

Electric and manual, this 2 type of wheatgrass juicer is available in the market. Similar to all other devices, advantages and disadvantages are also there. According to your requirement and reference, any juicer type will be an ideal pick.
Buy a manual wheatgrass juicer if you don’t want to get heated juice. Heat destroys the nutrients and vitamins available in wheatgrass juice. Also, you will not get the nutritious taste of the juice being heated. Juice made from manual juicers remain fresh for a long time, and they are easy to carry.
But the biggest drawback of manual juicer is that preparation time and wheatgrass extraction time are high in manual wheatgrass juicer.
While electric wheatgrass juicers are best in saving valuable time, you don’t need to prepare to make the juice with an electric juicer. But these juicers create much noise when working and add heat to the juice.


It is advisable to go for a wheatgrass juicer that comes with low RPM. It is because wheatgrass juice will get heat due to high RPM.
On the other hand, don’t pick very low RPM juicers. Low RPM juicers will take a long time to extract the juice, and you might face inconvenience to operate them.
It would be best if you pick a juicer that has 80 RPM.
With this RPM, the juicer will prepare the juice within the required time, and the juice will not get heated.

Easy to Clean

Without proper maintenance and care, you will not be able to get the best result from any device. This statement is true for a wheatgrass juicer too.
Select a model that is easy to clean. The easy cleaning feature will ensure that you don’t need to clean the device for a long time. It is the prime requirement for many people.
Generally, wheatgrass juicers come with easy assembling and disassembling processes so that its user can easily take the juicer apart and give it a good rinse.
You will find some electric wheatgrass juicer with a self-cleaning function. These are the new design of wheatgrass juicer.
However, manual wheatgrass juicers are much easier to clean compared to electric wheatgrass juicers.


Undoubtedly, we all want to buy a juicer that can serve us with many juicing sessions. It is possible if the juicer is made with durable material only.
Make sure your selected juicer is made with BPA-free plastic.
Metal or stainless steel made juicers are much more durable than plastic made juicers.
And among all materials, stainless steel is best because it is rust-resistant, and your juice will never get contaminated.


Do you think that accreditation is unnecessary in terms of best wheatgrass juicer? The truth is, approval from the FDA enhances the reliability of the juicer.


Making super nutritious juice from the superfood wheatgrass is easy.
Because you know all about the best wheatgrass juicers in the market, the choice is narrowed down to only five.
If you are a die-hard wheatgrass fan and budget is not an issue, go for the mechanized slow juicers like Omega, AICOK, or KOIOS. They will cost more but the convenience will be priceless.
On the contrary, when you prefer to do it from scratch or want to save some, manual juicers are perfect choices. Other buying guides in commercial review sites will push you to go for the pricy one, and you know why.
But we care for you and want you to pick the one that best fits your budget, preference, and of course, taste.

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