Celery Juice Recipe for High Blood Pressure, Weight Loss

Remember growing up how your mother insisted you finish your greens; said you don’t get to play till you finish the vegetables on your plate.
In remorse, you ate back then, but now that you’re all grown up and in charge of your diet, it seems like a wise call to make.
Maybe you’ve heard about the celery juice and its amazing countless benefits. And now you want to start a healthy lifestyle with something green. Well, it’s a great call, and in short – celery juice got you covered.
Celery juice not just provides you with a solution to one problem, claims are it is a source of lot more. The mentioned benefits are uncountable; including dealing with high blood pressure, weight loss, liver health, gut health, skin issues, and lot more.
In reality, does the celery juice recipe for high blood pressure work? We will try to find out if all the hype about celery juice and it’s benefits on the internet is worth it or not, suggest you some awesome recipes, and answer your frequently asked questions on this topic.

What is Celery?

The internet started getting crazy over celery juice right after Anthony William released his book on celery juice. He didn’t exactly communicate fully from a scientific standpoint, hence he had to face a lot of criticism as well.
To understand how and why celery juice, let’s get a closer look at it.
Celery, a marshland plant, which belongs to the same family as carrot, cilantro, and parsley.
This vegetable holds some incredible nutritional value which would undoubtedly be a great addition to your diet plan.
Let’s get down to the nutritional facts,
Celery holds about 95% of water. Per 100g serving of celery would provide you with 1g carbohydrate, 1.7g fiber, and a minor quantity of fat, calorie, and sugar, along with different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
All in all, the calorie count of 100g celery stands at 8 whereas, for 100g sugar, the calorie count stands to be at 387. I think you understand what it means.
If you are planning to lose weight by munching or drinking on empty calories, then this is the thing for you.
celery juice for blood pressure

High Blood Pressure and Celery Juice

High blood pressure occurs as your blood pressure increases to a level that is unhealthy.
High blood pressure leads to cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and other difficulties.
It mainly happens in two ways – either the heart pumps blood at a high rate, or the arteries have a smaller opening which causes resistance.
Basically, a high cholesterol level in arteries causes its diameter to shrink. Eating unhealthy and high-calorie food lead to this situation over the years.
A study suggests that antioxidants of celery might be the responsible reason for lowering blood cholesterol levels, which in return – helps in getting healthy blood pressure.
Besides that, celery seeds may have antihypertensives according to a study in 2013.
Also, a phytochemical called phthalide resides in celery whose function is to relax your artery walls that aid in increasing your blood flow resulting in reduced blood pressure.
As we have mentioned above, celery is low in calories and high in fiber. Hence, regularly drinking celery juice can help you reduce your craving for food and help you consume fewer calories throughout the day.
All in all, drinking celery juice regularly helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which in return – helps you improve your high blood pressure situation over time.
Furthermore, the antioxidants help protect your cells from being attacked and destroyed by free radicals.
Fighting off free radicals is key to preserving your health, stop early signs of aging, skin and hair damage, and most importantly stop DNA from getting altered.
High blood pressure being tackled by adding celery juice to your diet plan not only helps you from short term danger but it also takes care of your heart proving to be a true guardian angel for your cardiovascular health in the long run.
Celery in all its source and attributes is filled with potential to the brim. Celery seeds are of good use for the benefit of your health as well.
Takes care of your heart, kidney, liver, muscles, joints, digestive health, and your urinary tract.
Along with being super hydrating and a diuretic it plays a major function in keeping your blood circulation regulated and monitored for.
Your lifestyle and diet are key to a healthy you, and only when you add a glass of celery juice to your equation regularly, you can get an upper hand at winning your health goals.

How to Make Celery Juice?

If you’re worried about not owning a juicer than its fine, a blender does the job with just as much effect. But if you own a juicer then that’s a plus for you.
To begin with, take one or two big celery stalks, wash your celery stalks thoroughly underwater, clean, and wash off any debris or dirt on them.
Next, you have to drain off the excess water from the celery stalks, cut off both ends, and chop them into small pieces for your blender.
Just drain the excess water off of celery stalks if you’re planning to go for a juicer.
Then you blend away your celery stalks with a little bit of water to give the blades a bit of agility. Use the spatula if needed.
After you’re done, pass the juice through a strainer or a cheesecloth to get the excess fiber out of your drink.
And if you’re using a juicer just go ahead and juice, you’ll not need to worry about straining, the juicer does that bit for you.
Either way, you will be getting your healthy nutritious drink in no time.

5 Easy Celery Juice Recipe for High Blood Pressure

celery juice recipe
Usually, everyone would advise you to not mix anything with celery juice if you want to get the maximum benefit, so the celery stalk itself is the ingredient.
However, adding something wouldn’t make it less beneficial or harmful in any way. It would only add to the taste palate.
For you, the recipes mentioned here are very easy and you can make them using simple ingredients lying at your kitchen.
Simply choose the flavor that feels right to you or you can try them all if you want.

1. Ginger Celery Juice:

The zing of ginger enhances your ordinary celery juice to a worth-while celery shot. All you’ll need is just a small piece of ginger and a few celery stalks.
To begin with, wash up your piece of ginger and celery stalks thoroughly. Peel the ginger and cut your celery stalks to 3-4 inches height.
Put them all in a blender with a little water and blend away. Strain the juice using a cheesecloth or a hemp cloth.
There you go, your celery ginger shot is ready. If you want, you could also add a little ice.

2. Apple Celery Ade:

All you’ll need is a green apple, lemon, and celery. Now wash your supplies and cut up your apple and celery into pieces, put them in the blender and squeeze in the juice from a slice of lemon wedge.
Now blend away till everything is juiced and sieve it through a strainer. Your juice is ready to start you off on a sweet and refreshing note.

3. Banana Celery Spinach Smoothie:

If you are wanting to go diary free but still craving a smoothie then worry no more, let’s get you covered.
Start by washing your celery stalks thoroughly, chop them into small to medium pieces, take one whole banana, peel it, and break it in half, wash a few spinach leaves and drain the water off. Put all the ingredients in the blender with a little water and blend the duo to a smoothie consistency.
The result is a delicious and healthy smoothie to keep up with both your balanced diet, your craving, and your high blood pressure. And the sweetness of the banana will neutralize the salty effect of celery up to a certain extent.

4. Celery Beet Juice:

If the earthy tone of celery is getting monotonous for you, then you can try adding beetroot and lemon to the addition.
Beetroot gives a beautiful red color to your juice, and the tang of lemon helps to undermine the earthy tone of celery.
Just put your washed and cut beetroot and celery in the blender and squeeze in half a lemon to your jar, add a little water and blend. Strain the juice with the help of a strainer or a cheesecloth. Your juice is ready to serve.

5. Celery Carrot Juice:

This would be the simplest concoction to make. Just take a few washed-up celery stalks and a small carrot, cut them into pieces, and put them in the blender with some water, and blend away. You will have to pass it through a sieve to strain. It is one way to juice.
Another would be to use a juicer that way you get your juice without having to go to the extent of straining it.

Other Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

The rave about drinking celery juice all over the internet is to no extent false.
You can see how people are clearing out the celery shelf in the supermarkets. Even on Instagram, you can see the health-conscious people juicing one celery a day.
Although most data are not backed by studies, you cannot just throw away a huge amount testimonial from people who’re seeing some results and definitive changes.
Starting from your cardiovascular health to your gut, a glass of celery juice is like a true gem.
Celery is packed with antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals. So, the utility of this vegetable can be stretched to quite an extent.
But remember that, it’s no magic that heals you just as you take your first sip from the glass. Regularly drinking a healthy juice can help you restore your health is a no brainer.
Just as you start, it might not be the tastiest thing in the world, and it would take some time to get your body adjusted with it.
At least a week, and then you might start noticing changes.
Some shared their experience of how they saw some changes in their poop during the first couple of days and some had to cope up with excess gas issues. But their body coped up pretty well within a week or so.
According to most, you’d lose your cravings for sugary food, and as you are taking a green juice as a first thing in the morning, it motivates you psychologically to take care of yourself in the right way throughout the day.
Now let’s discuss a few of the benefits from regularly drinking celery juice.

Drinking celery juice improves your gut health

Celery is high with antioxidants; a single celery stalk harbors the presence of compounds such as caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, apigenin, luteolin, tannin, saponin, and kaempferol, that are known for their antioxidant properties.
Also, a glass of celery juice can provide you with vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate, manganese, calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, and vitamin B6.
All the elements work together in keeping your gut in a healthy state, also raise the concentration of hydrochloric acid in your digestive tract. This environment in your digestive tract now works efficiently in absorbing all the micronutrients from food and get you free from bloating, gas, and constipation.
Remarkably improves your digestion by helping things move in your digestive tract; it also works as a natural laxative and diuretic.

Celery Juice for Healthy Hair

Drinking a glass of celery juice may be the long-lost savior for growing healthy, voluminous hair.
Celery is about 95 percent water, and it also has vitamin A which is playing as ingredients for a healthy, hydrated dandruff-free scalp.
Apart from that celery juice helps in improving your hair texture as well as elasticity, makes your hair healthy, strong, and luscious.

Celery Juice for Beautiful Skin

If you’re dealing with skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, acne, and maybe other common skin conditions and you’ve tried all those over the counter prescriptions yet, nothing seemed to have worked. You might want to try celery juice.
Celery is filled with antimicrobial properties, and it naturally fights back infections, reduces inflammation, and stops any skin condition from deteriorating.

Celery Juice for Weight loss

Celery is high in water content, low in calorie and sugar, which helps you reduce your sugar craving.
It is indeed a very filling drink that is packed with the nutritional value which you might be missing out on in your diet.
More so as you strip its juice out of the stalk; the concentration of the micronutrients present in it already becomes more potent. Since it is an alkaline vegetable adding it to your diet promises you a long and healthy life.
Downing a glass of celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is analyzed to give you enough energy to keep you from snacking that indeed does mean a guaranteed success in aiding your weight loss program.

Celery juice for liver health

Drinking celery juice helps your liver to perform on its best state and flush out all those toxins from your body.
Besides, the sodium content present in celery helps your liver in bile production which, is a necessary evil in helping to break down food.
The bile juice secreted aids in keeping the cholesterol level under control.
Celery juice is like the natural boost your liver needs to flush out all those toxins from your body, besides, the fat buildup that might’ve been unconsciously aided by a bad diet also gets relief for good.
While your liver keeps its track on the flushing, your bloodstream is now on a happy journey as well.
Drinking celery juice is also said to have beneficial impacts on keeping your hormones balanced and regulated by providing nutrients to the adrenal and reproductive glands.

Celery juice for cancer

In fighting for risks of Cancer, celery juice can be on the top of your priority list.
Apigenin is a natural product found in celery alongside many more greens which belongs to the flavone class. This flavonoid not only holds the capability to fight against cancer cells but also arrests the progression of cancer cells.
Assists in recovery post-cancer as it boosts your immune system to fight off any other diseases.

Celery juice for Strong Skeletal Health

To aid in the strengthening of your bones, celery juice would be your answer.
Celery is rich in calcium, silicon, and also happens to have a vast share of vitamin K where they play a significant role in regenerative bone health and also fights off the risks of osteoporosis effectively.
Celery contains polyacetylene whose function is of an anti-inflammatory preventing bouts of gout and even rheumatoid arthritis.
celery juice for weight loss

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1) How much Celery Juice should you drink?

Ideally, the serving portion per day is considered to be 16 ounces per day.
If you’re just getting started, I’d suggest to start in with small serving size, one that is easier for you to manage then gradually up your intake to 16 ounces.
If you’re feeling like having a bit more than go ahead and enjoy yourself to a little more of this green goodie.

When should you drink Celery Juice?

In the morning, right after you wake up you’ve got an empty stomach, and it is suggested that it is when you should drink celery juice.
If you don’t want to get to making yourself juice first thing in the morning, then you can also make some the night before and have it right after you wake up in the morning.
Although it can also be taken a little before bedtime as it has calming properties which help keep the nerves calm and lets you drift off to a peaceful sleep.
However, it’s your drink and you have the liberty on when to take it and how to take it. But then again, taking it on empty stomach is said to have the best results.

Why you should start drinking celery juice?

It is a natural remedy that nature provides you in all its glory.
To say that it is an organic product is already evident, you can harvest and reap off its potential as much as you want.
Celery is an excellent vegetable to add to your diet, it is crammed full with goodness that helps you get your body on a well-balanced track.
Incorporating celery in your diet is not a fad hack, rather the advantages you get from drinking celery juice regularly are off the charts.
If not anything, you’re not at a loss by drinking celery juice, it is a vegetable, and greens are always praiseworthy in a diet. Green simply is good.
Simply put, there are controversies, and sometimes, all the benefits people brag about they’ve got from celery juice might be overwhelming, but it does have obvious positive health benefits.
The nutrition value provided by celery is amazing, you already know it since we have discussed the components of celery earlier in this writing.

Difference between Juicing and Eating celery

When you juice celery you roughly get around 16 ounces, juicing celery not just retains its beneficial attributes but also makes it more powerful on its course.
Though you’ll be stripping it off its fiber it’s okay, you’re not losing anything.
When it comes to eating celery as a whole, you can. But what you can’t do is have one entire celery at one go. It becomes more of a challenge when you eat it than drink it.
However, here’s a life hack regarding celery – you can freeze the pulp as cubes and later pop them out to use on soup, smoothies, or veggies.
Simply put, juicing celery allows you to have more in quantity in an easy way.

Does celery juice need to be organic?

Nowadays there are endless alternatives to juicing celery from the source. In the market, you can find options for supplements, powders, bottled juice, and whatnot.
Nothing beats the real potential of celery other than the true version itself. Sure, you can go for those options as well, but if you’re looking for maximum results, I’d suggest you go through the cycle of juicing a whole celery a day.
It might be a bit on the expensive side but I promise it pays off for good. You won’t be complaining when you feel and see the change for yourself after you’ve had it incorporated on a routine stature.

How do you make celery juice taste better?

For some people it truly stands to be a test, finishing a glass of celery juice. The earthy, and salty taste can be repulsive at times. Unfortunately, leaves of celery give off a bitter taste.
To help alleviate that situation you can always try adding fruits and vegetables to your celery juice. An apple, banana, strawberry, raspberries, orange, lemon, pineapple, spinach anything that helps your distress.
This way you won’t be missing out on your daily dose of healthy green juice and keep your high blood pressure in check at the same time.
Now, it’s a no brainer that not mixing anything with celery juice means you get to have more if it, but then again, it doesn’t harm to start slow.

What are the notable side effects of celery juice?

If you are allergic than maybe you should check with your doctor before starting on the wrong foot. Keep in mind that everyone cannot digest everything.
It is indeed said to be a short-term course, some juice for a few weeks while for others, it might be a span of a few months but, it is a short-term plan.
For some, in the beginning, celery juice might cause excess gas. Which is supposed to subdue within a week, if not, it’s okay to let go.
However, know that there’s nothing in celery that can be harmful to you according to Dr. Levitsky.
Drink it slow. Sometimes chugging celery juice can make you rush to the bathroom in a matter of minutes.
So, it is advisable to take it slow and even if it does lead you to the bathroom, know that it is fine and takes care of itself on its own
The sodium content in celery juice maybe a little too much for some, which is counterintuitive for keeping your high blood pressure in check. Therefore, taking it in large portions is not advisable.


You are responsible for taking care of yourself, and you do that through positive actions. Starting your day with a healthy juice is certainly a wise idea. If you want to start on a green juice, then celery juice is definitely a great choice.
It might not be the “cure-all” super magic juice that everyone seems to make noise about, but it is green, and it is good.
Some even said that it has a placebo effect. However, we all know how positivity can help us overcome any kind of barriers. So, if celery juice gives people hope and positivity, then so be it. It is still more than worth it.
In short, celery juice not only deals with high blood pressure but it also helps to fight off many chronic diseases alongside.
Simply on its own, it promises not just nutritional value but also, super hydrating, rich in vitamins, and minerals.
Fiber packed celery helps fight off free radicals with antioxidants and most importantly, gives your immune system the boost it needs and restores your health to optimum condition.
So, heeding to your mother’s advice does sound like the best alternative than shoving down a thousand different artificial supplements.
After all, there have been countless testimonials and anecdotes over time, all in which celery played the hero and cured. You have got nothing to lose, it’s a win-win situation.
Go natural with celery juice to live a long and healthy life.

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