Different Types of Juicers- Advantage and Disadvantage

Did you know that 1 in 3 people around the world suffers from some malnutrition? Juicing can be a solution to the problem.
Changing your eating habit is a commitment to yourself. Having a juicer can make the transition easier for you. However, you need to be sure that the juicer matches your needs and preferences.
Picking the right juicer for you among the overwhelming number of options can be a tough job. Before investing, you ought to have the full knowledge about the types of juicers available in the market.
Read on and learn about different types of juicers, their pros, cons, and the features that are worth your money.

Different Types of Juicers

Indeed within the category of juicer alone, there are, however, different types of juicer machines.
Though the classification is primarily based on the juicer’s juicing mechanism, juicers may also vary in how fast they work, the quality of the extract, and even how quiet they are.
Based on the extraction mechanism, there can be 6 types of juicers:
  1. Centrifugal Juicers
  2. Cold-press Juicers
  3. Triturating Juicers
  4. Hydraulic Press Juicers
  5. Citrus Electric Juicers
  6. Manual/ Hand Press Juicers
Each type of juicer has a wide price range as well. Keep scrolling to know about the pros and cons of each type.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal Juicers are also known as- the fast juicers because of their ability to convert the hard fruits and vegetables into juice within minutes. They are also the most popular juicer type, coming in the most affordable price range!
Operating at a speed of 3,000- 14,000 RPM, it chops and shreds the fruits and vegetables with its sharp blade, and it is the powerful centrifugal force of the juicer which separates the juice from the pulp.


  • Produces juice fast.
  • Most juicers have a wide feed that can take a whole apple, carrot, or cucumber, saving you from chopping.
  • Easy to set up, operate, and takes the minimum of your kitchen space.
  • Most juicers come with safe dishwasher parts, which make it easy to clean.
  • They are the least expensive!


  • The spinning produces a foam which can be unappealing.
  • The speedy rotation generates heat degrading the nutrient content and quality of the juice.
  • Yields more pulp than most juicer types.
  • They are quite noisy.
  • The extracted juice doesn’t stay fresh for a long time, so you cannot store the juice to enjoy later.
  • They are not recommended for leafy vegetables and nuts.

Cold Press Juicers

Cold Press juicers, otherwise known as masticating slow juicers, use the slow juicing technique to retain the most nutrients. They operate at a low speed from 80-120 RPM.
The juicer contains an auger with sharp metal teeth that mimics the chewing technique to crush the fruits and vegetables and squeeze the juice out of products.
The process requires more time, but the extract you get is thick and filled with more nutrition.
Most masticating juicers are multifunctional. You can grind coffee beans, make baby food, sorbets, and even pasta!


  • The juice produce is cold that ensures the best quality juice.
  • The shelf life of juice is longer. So you can store it form 2 hours to even two days!
  • The juicer can make nut butter and nut milk.
  • Higher juice yields than centrifugal.
  • Efficiently extracts from both hard and soft materials.
  • They are very quiet. So you can make your juice any time, and no one needs to know!


  • They can be very bulky and take up more space.
  • More expensive.
  • Most juicers have a small chute, which results in more chopping and prep work.
  • Cleaning the juicer can be a bit harder.


Triturating juicers come with a single auger and twin auger. Single auger ones have an auger rotating at a low speed and high torque.
A twin auger juicer has two gears rotating in the opposite direction, grinding and crushing the fruits and vegetables into tiny particles and then pushing the produce to extract the juice out.
The juice produced in the process is very thick, nutrient-rich, and also lasts long. If you want to make a day’s juice altogether, this type is just right for you!


  • Like a masticating juicer, they produce very little or almost no noise.
  • The juicers are multitaskers and can do the job of grinding nuts and making desert.
  • They are believed to produce better quality juice than both centrifugal and masticating ones.
  • Yields more juice than centrifugal and cold-pressed juicers.


  • They are slow and need extra effort for prep work.
  • The juicers are difficult to assemble, which makes it harder to clean.
  • Most juicers are heavy and take up a lot of your counter space.
  • More expensive than other juicer types.

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press juicer with its pressure applying mechanism ensures the most nutritious cold-pressed juice.
The juicer first crushes the fruits into smaller particles and then presses it with a high pressure to extract it slowly.
The pressure applied in the process is very high and can be up to 6,000 PSI. However, the hydraulic pressed juicers are usually overlooked because of some inconveniences involved.


  • They produce the best quality juice and are only literal cold-press juicers.
  • Least oxidation takes place in the process, so juice has a little or no foam at all.
  • The produced juice remains fresh for a very long time.


  • They are the most expensive juicer type.
  • The juicer takes much effort to clean and can be challenging to operate.
  • They can be very bulky.
  • Among different kinds of juicer machines, they are the least conventional ones.

Citrus Electric

Are you a fan of citrus juice? Well, if you are, you can pick an electric citrus juicer instantly! The juicer can produce plenty of citrus juice at once.
They are motorized so that you can have a chilled lemon or grape juice with almost no preparation!


  • These juicers are best if you are getting into juicing for the first time.
  • Citrus juicers are better than other juicer types in handling citrus fruits.
  • Most juicers are very affordable.
  • Easy to clean.


  • These juicers are apt for citrus ingredients only.

Manual/ Hand Press

You are well familiar with a hand press juicer and probably have one. As it is manual, so you have to press the fruits to squeeze the juice out. Manual juicers can be a hand-held one or a countertop juicer.
  • These juicers are very handy and portable.
  • The juicing process causes no oxidation.
  • They don’t have an electric motor, which means they’re noise-free.
  • Least expensive of all types.
  • You cannot produce all kinds of juice with a manual juicer.
  • The process can be tedious if you drink a lot of juice.

Which one is the best type of Juicer?

Well, the best type of juicer is the one which fulfills all your needs. So, if you are planning to get a juicer, ask yourself some questions beforehand.
  • How often you drink juice?
Are you a hardcore juicer? Or want to enjoy a glass of juice once or twice a week? If you are fond of juices and have juice multiple times a day, you may consider getting a fast juicer.
  • How much time and effort are you willing to spend on making juice?
If you are a busy person but cannot pass the day without your morning glass of juice, you can go with a centrifugal juicer, which is fast and takes less effort. On the contrary, if you have the time and are willing to give the effort to maximize the benefit of juicing, get yourself a cold-pressed or slow juicer.
  • How much money are you willing to spend for juicing?
Juicing can be quite expensive. The best thing you can do is to start with one which is in your affordable range. Once you have witnessed the benefit of juicing, you will realize, yes, you did make the right decision!

Are Juicers Worth The Money?

Your budget is an important factor while choosing the right juicer for you. Looking at the prices of juicers, you are probably wondering, are juicers worth your money?
Though different juicer types come in different price ranges, the goal of juicing is to retain the most nutrients of fruits and vegetables.
Juicing is a better alternative than cooking, and if you substitute your unhealthy snacks with juice, you are sure to get a tremendous result.
While the juicers come in a wide price range, we recommend you to have the one within your budget and see the result yourself!


In a nutshell, whether you are looking forward to starting a healthier lifestyle or join the juicing trend, this article is just right for you.
We tried to give you all the things you need to know about the types of juicers before buying one. Check this out to get the best juicer for you!
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