How Long Does Ginger Juice Last actually? Juice Tips for 2022

Migraine pain sucks!

If you’re also suffering from that nightmare, you know what I mean. It makes my life hell.

But do you know……….. There is a home remedy for this that works like magic?

Yeah, Miraculous G-i-n-g-e-r!!!!!

This herbal remedy has been used since ancient times.

Here is why:

Gingers are great for boosting energy, and there are several advantages of ginger juice. It solves your acne problem, makes your digestion smooth, gives your hair growth a new speed, and controls high blood pressure

Wanna give it a try?

But wait, wait, wait……..

Have any idea How Long Does Ginger Juice Last actually?

I guess the answer is a big Nooooo.

No big deal.

But buckle up & get ready coz Today we talk about how long you can preserve the ginger juice and the procedure to keep it safe for a long time.

So shall we start?

First thing first- How long does ginger juice last?

The longevity of your ginger juice varies according to how you’re preserving your ginger juice.

Get it?

Now, when you’re just leaving the ginger juice in your kitchen for further usage, your ginger juice will last more than 6 hours, approximately depending on how much water you added and bacterial attack. If you put the ginger juice in the freezer and frozen the juice, it’ll last more than 48 hours.

Now, you may think of preserving in a sealed jar or can. Well, in that case, you can preserve your ginger juice for more than 10 days. Pasteurized ginger juice lasts more than 3 months. This method is pretty durable to preserve ginger juice.

A word of caution…..

However, it’s not recommended at all to preserve the ginger juice for a long time. Over time, your ginger juice will lose the smell and taste. It’ll also lose all the medicinal benefits over time. So, it’s not actually a good idea to preserve ginger juice for a long time.

Doctors suggest drinking 3-4 grams per day and drinking the juice as fresh as possible. Old juice sometimes causes gas and pain in the stomach.

How do you know when ginger juice is bad?

Every fruit or ingredient has its own lifespan and period when the fruit or ingredient is fresh and healthy. After that certain period, things start to go bad, and it’s the same for ginger as well.

Is Rotten ginger poisonous?

Ginger juice has a regular life of 6-12 hours in the pantry and a 72 hours life in a refrigerator. After this time, ginger juice starts to go bad.

Now, when you’re drinking ginger juice regularly, or you’re adding it to your regular green tea for your desired flavor, you may ask, how do I know if the ginger juice is bad. Well, the answer is pretty simple. You can tell with the smell and the taste of your ginger juice.


Gingers produce a strong smell when they’re fresh.

You can tell from a long distance that it’s ginger. Well, over time, your ginger juice will start losing that fresh smell, and after a long time, it’ll start to stink strongly. Obviously, you don’t want to face that. That’s why it’s suggested that you drink ginger juice or use it in 48 hours. I tell you though……The same thing goes for taste as well.

Ginger has its own taste and flavor. When you’re ginger juice is bad, you’ll lose that taste eventually, and your ginger juice will become sour over time. It indicates that your ginger juice is rotten.

How much ginger juice should I drink a day?

Ginger has different and a lot of health benefits.

It’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It keeps your blood sugar under control and helps you to lose weight. It also helps in maintaining your regular blood pressure.

Having all these benefits, ginger has health risks as well. Consuming too much ginger is harmful to your health. It can create gas inside your stomach. You can feel stomachache and pain. It can also cause burning inside your mouth.

Sometimes, doctors point at gingers for heartburn as well.

So, this is why you need to be more conscious and drink an exact portion of ginger juice on a regular basis. Doctors suggest drinking 3-4 grams of ginger juice on a regular basis. This keeps everything in control and gives you a whole new level of energy. You shouldn’t consume more than 1 gram of ginger juice per day in your pregnancy period. Can I take a ginger shot on an empty stomach?

If you’re adding the ginger extract to your regular green tea, you can add a little more, by the way. There, ginger juice will be getting mixed with different ingredients of your tea. But overall, consuming 4 grams of ginger juice per day is perfect for a healthy person.

And How long does ginger juice last in the freezer?

Ginger is basically used for different purposes, and one of the main purposes of ginger juice is to add flavor to your food. It’s being used for a long time now, and people use raw ginger or ginger extract to marinade the ingredients.

And I want you to know that……

Due to health benefits and energy-boosting power, people now started to drink a small portion of ginger juice on a regular basis. Now, making ginger juice and ginger extract is a bit of a tough task to deal with, and you don’t want to face it every day. That’s why people think of preserving it in the refrigerator.

Well, if you freeze the ginger juice in the tray cube, it’ll become solid and last longer like 7-10 days in the refrigerator. But if you keep it normally, it won’t last more than 3 days.

Please note: Freezing the ginger juice will make your ginger juice flavorless over time, and it won’t be enough good for your health as well

How to make ginger juice with a blender?

The main composition of ginger is 79% water and 18% carbohydrates. Besides, there are 2% protein and 1% fat. 100 gm ginger can give you a max of 80 kilocal energy, and it’s a great source of vitamin B6.

Making ginger juice with a blender is a pretty simple and easy task to deal with. Making ginger juice with a blender doesn’t take a lot of things as well. Simply blend the gingers with your blender and add a little more water for a regular spin.

  • First of all, wash all the ginger carefully. The part we consume of ginger is basically the roots of ginger. That’s why they always remain a little muddy. You need to clean the dirt out of your ginger.
  • After that, cut them into pieces. The whole root of ginger is pretty big, and it comes in different shapes. It makes the blending process pretty hard. So, it would help if you cut all your ginger into pieces in order to make a perfect blend.
  • Now, when you cut them down into pieces, you need to put them inside the blender with the required water. The water is required for a regular and free spin of the blender blades. Having everything settled, turn the blender on and run it at medium speed for like 5 minutes.
  • After a 5 minutes blending process, you need to stop for a while and add a little more water to your ginger blend. After that, run a blending cycle for another 5 minutes and finish the blending procedure.
  • When it’s done, you can see that your ginger blend has gotten a smooth shape there. Now, you need to extract the flavoured water out of the ginger blend. You need to use a strainer for this. Take all those smooth ginger paste into the strainer. Put a glass or a jar under the strainer and press on the ginger paste with a spoon.
  • It’ll make the juice come out easily and store inside the jar. This way, you can easily make ginger juice with a blender.

The Takeaway…….

As you can see- ginger juice lasts 6-12 hours in the pantry and 48-72 hours in the freezer. But if you’re sealing your ginger juice and using cans to preserve the juice, it can last longer. However, preserving ginger juice is not a preferable option at all.

But again I am telling you……..

Consuming ginger juice is recommended in the freshest condition possible. If you drink ginger juice, you need to make juice regularly and drink instantly as well. Having ginger juice preserved for a long time makes your flavor and taste go away. Besides, it doesn’t contain that health benefit at all when you’re consuming old ginger juice.

One last big question I forget to talk about- How long does ginger and lemon juice last? Well, it’s pretty much the same as ginger juice. Wait,,,,, give me a favor, I’m struggling with storing ginger extract; please let me know How do you preserve fresh ginger juice?

Have a blessed day!

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