How to Make a Smoothie Without a Blender – Kitchen Tips 2021

If you are fond of smoothies, perhaps a blender is your best friend. However, some situations may not allow you to avail of the opportunity of blending in a blender. What will you do then?
Well, no worries, guys. You do not necessarily need a blender to make smoothies always. Just follow some necessary steps on how to make a smoothie without a blender and enjoy your drink.
So, let’s have a deep look into it:

How to Make a Smoothie Without a Blender ?

How to Make a Smoothie?

There may arise on several occasions when you cannot access your blender. You can be on holiday or travel, you can shift from one place to another when all your household things are packed, or you can be out of electricity when your electric blender stops working.
In these kinds of situations, blending without a blender is the most effective solution. There is no need to rely on the blender always.
Start thinking out of the box, and you will find your way to make your desired smoothie.
Below you will find a step by step guideline on how to make a smoothie without a blender.

Step-1: Choose the Proper Ingredients

If you want to blend without a blender, you need to choose the ingredients wisely. Not any and every kind of ingredient is suitable for making smoothie without a blender.
So, you must be selective while choosing. The following components will be appropriate for turning into a smoothie without being blended.
Let’s have a look.

Ripe Fruits

Go for some fully ripe fruits instead of fresh and raw ones. As you cannot blend them in a blender, you have to mix them with a fork or with your hands.
So soft fruits would be best for making a decent mixture. Mango, banana, different types of berries, kiwi, etc. can be your ideal option.

Vegetable Puree

Since you cannot use a blender, vegetable puree could be an alternative option for your smoothie. Most of the vegetables are full of fibers.
So breaking the fibers without a blender would be a tough job to perform. You can consider using a ripe avocado instead of hard vegetables that are soft as well.


To maintain the creamy texture just as a blended smoothie, you need proteins as a filler ingredient.
Also, proteins like yogurt, chia seeds will increase the thickness. Protein powder is another usable element in this respect.
Another excellent source of protein is peanut butter. It is creamy as well. But using sunflower butter is a healthy option instead of peanut butter as it contains less sugar.


You can add milk as a liquid to liquefy the consistency. Soy or almond milk is the healthier option, though.
Adding fluid will increase the nutritional value of the smoothie to a great extent. You can also use premade fruit juice in your smoothie.

Step-2: Mix the Ingredients

Now the second and the most crucial step comes. Combine all the ingredients properly and prepare an edible and palatable smoothie. Follow the following procedures to make a smoothie without a blender.

Mash the Fruits and Vegetables

First, peel fruits and vegetables after washing them with water. Then make them into a smooth pest by using a spoon, potato masher, spatula, or even with your own hands. Mix them well until they reach your desired consistency.

Stir Them with other Ingredients

Though the process seems a bit old-fashioned, this is the most effective way of mingling all the ingredients together without a blender. Pour the smashed items into a jar.
Then add other elements such as protein powder, yogurt, and mix them well. Stir with the help of a spoon until all the ingredients are blended well. The powdery elements must melt entirely.

Shake the Smoothie Well to Create Foam

To enjoy your drink in a cold flavor, you can add some ice cubes to it. Put them together into a sealed jar and shake hard. This process will not only make the smoothie frosty but also foamy.
However, melting ice without a blender is backbreaking labor for both your hands and ears.
You must be careful about the lids of the jar. If the cover is not tightly closed, it will turn into a mess.

Add Liquid to Adjust Consistency

Finally, synthesize the consistency of the smoothie. If it doesn’t seem to be perfect, adjust the thickness by adding the liquid you like.
To reduce thickness, add some milk or fruit juice. If you want to enhance the consistency, add some chia seeds, or yogurt can come to your rescue.
Leave the smoothie for some time if you opt for chia seeds because chia seeds need a few deepening minutes.

Drink the smoothie Immediately

Now it’s done. So, it’s time to enjoy your prepared smoothie as early as possible. As any blender does not evenly blend the additives, they will start setting apart from each other.
To avoid this unwanted situation, start drinking right after it is prepared. If waiting for a long time, the smoothie will also lose its frostiness. So, don’t get late to enjoy the best flavor.
These are the basic requirements to follow if you want to make a smoothie without blending the ingredients in a blender.
We hope this guide eradicates all your dazzlement on how to blend without a blender and make a perfect smoothie to pamper yourself.


As a smoothie lover, spending a day without a smoothie is quite tricky. But not every day is the same. There may be days without regular facilities, such as no way to use your blender.
You must be prepared for this kind of ambiance. Don’t lose control of your life to technology. Rather learn to face the inconveniences with intelligence by learning this kind of handy hacks.
Hopefully, you can make the best use of our tips and tricks on how to make a smoothie without a blender in your practical life.

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