How to make celery juice in a Vitamix blender 2021

Celery has taken over social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram with a storm. Starting from celebrities to fitness and health enthusiasts, everyone has been trying it and talking about it.
According to thousands of testimonials, the star vegetable happens to be an all-cure for most of the common diseases.
Some might say that statement to be a bit extravagant, but anything green is definitely good.
Today we will teach you how to make celery juice in a Vitamix blender, and give our two cents about celery juice to help you out.
Now, a lot of you might have a blender, but not a juicer.
And you don’t want to get one even though you want to make some fresh celery juice. The good news is, you don’t have to.
Juicers can be only used for juicing stuff.
What if you want to make smoothies? Or maybe you don’t have extra space for a juicer.
Having a blender is definitely a better option in case you are not a juice monster. It gives you more flexibility.
Most of you who are wise – might already have a Vitamix blender in your kitchen; and that is the inspiration for our title.
And those of you who are planning to buy one, remember that Vitamix is one of the most popular and trustable brands when it comes to powerful blenders.
Let’s get to know how you can easily make celery juice using a blender today; it’s not that hard, and you don’t need a juicer for that.

How to make celery juice in a Vitamix blender – step by step process

It’s a very simple process like any other juice making. Yet getting a recap always helps you to stay sharp.

Step 1

You have to take one or two large stalks of celery. Since we are talking about organic celery here, you can expect a bit of dirt on celery, hence you have to thoroughly wash them.
Simply rinsing them with clean water and properly rubbing them with your fingers would do the job. Just make sure you do this well and take your time, because you certainly don’t want any dirt on your drink.

Step 2

After you are done washing, drain the excess water and place them on a chopping board so that you can remove both ends with your knife.
You would also want to get rid of the leaves since they simply do not taste that good. All you want is the nutritious stalk. However, you can keep the lighter pieces of celery for your juicing process.
Then simply chop the celery stalks into smaller pieces so that you can easily throw them in your blender.

Step 3

Add your first batch of celery in your blender and you can add a little bit of water to make the blending process easier.
Don’t just stuff all the celery at one go. You have to put them in multiple batches most of the time. Have some patience at this point.
And it’s a no brainer to understand that celery pieces might not reach the blade, hence you need to use the spatula to push them against the blades.
You only have to do this for the first round, since when you put the rest of the celery, you will already have the liquid juice present in the blender.
Simply add in the rest of the celery in your blender and blend them away until you think they are mixed well enough. It shouldn’t take much time since celery is a soft veggie and your Vitamix is powerful.

Step 4

Once you are done blending and you have that raw greenish celery in your blender, it’s time to get a cheese-cloth, or a nut-milk bag, or a strainer. Any of them would do.
You can use a big measuring cup since it would be easier to pour the blended celery and strain it.
Put the bag inside the cup, line it up, and simply pour the blended celery into the cheesecloth or nut-milk bag; whatever you are using.
Then it’s time for your wrist muscle to get some workout.
Squeeze hard to get all the juices off of the bag.
And voila! You are done.
By the way, now that you are left with the celery pulp, you can choose to through them away, or you can freeze them as cubes so that you can throw them in when you are making some smoothies or cooking some veggies.

How much celery juice to drink?

It is quite important to know how much you want to drink so that you can prepare the right volume.
The ideal suggestion is to consume 16 ounces a day. However, the taste of celery might come off as too strong to some, hence it’s easier to start way less and then climb up to 16 ounces with time.

Can I Make Celery Juice Ahead of Time or the Night Before?

You might not always feel like making fresh celery juice every morning or you might be heading off to somewhere very early in the morning, but since you don’t want to miss out on your daily dose of celery juice you can prepare it the night before.
Don’t worry as long as you’ve stored it right, the potential contents of celery stay fresh and active as long as 24 hours of being juiced. Pretty impressive time.

Why is Celery Juice Healthy?

Celery is packed with an assortment of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K alongside minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The water content in celery is around 95% on top of that its sugar content is close to negligible.
Making it a low-calorie diet, this vegetable provides you with high nutritional value either juiced or chopped into small pieces.
Celery juice is rich with antioxidants which helps your body fight off free radicals and keeps your health free from potential threats.
Your gut health thrives when you regularly treat yourself to some celery juice. It cleanses the toxins out of your system and purifies your liver which in turn is assumed to strengthen the concentration of bile juice.
The crazy diet you put your body through might’ve caused some extensive tear in its wake, so, to get your digestive tract back to its efficiency in breaking down protein and fat effectively celery juice is a great hack.
To build your body back to the temple it deserves to be and to restore your health, drinking celery juice seems like the perfect solution.

Delicious and Easy Vitamix Celery juice recipes

It is preferred your intake of celery be in juice form for you to retain its maximum benefit but with that being said, celery in any form would be a great addition to your diet.
Having organic celery juice without adding anything is said to have the best results, but it can get monotonous or the taste might be too strong and salty for you to bare.
Or maybe, you simply want to add mode healthy and delicious punch in your juice; hence we bring forward these amazing simple celery juice recipes for you.

1. Ginger Celery Juice

Simply this time around when you juice your celery you can try adding a small wedge of ginger to get a fresh buzz as well as tone down the earthy tone from celery.
Not only is it highly nutritious, but it is also a super juice as well.

2. Apple Celery Juice

There’s no way you could go wrong with adding any fruits or vegetables with celery.
Cut your apple into 4 halves and put them in your Vitamix along with the chopped celery stalk.
Blend till it’s a smooth pulp and pass it through a nut milk bag into a container extracting the juice and getting rid of the fiber at the same time.
Your apple celery juice is ready to be served.
You can add banana, spinach, carrot, beetroot, and other fruits to try out more combinations according to your preference.

How to use Vitamix blender?

It is possible that some you out there are new to the kitchen and would love to get a simple guide on getting started with your Vitamix blender.
The running process is usually the same and pretty simple with all blenders, having said that, let’s break down the process for you.
You just have to take care of one objective that is; your ingredient quantity should be enough to cover the blades of the blender.
Vitamix is an extremely powerful and smart blender. It comes with blades efficient and effective enough to chop and juice as well as make soup, smoothie, or paste whatever consistency you demand.
There is a basic speed control which ranges from low to high using the number count of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest to 10 being top speed.
Two tools come along to help you in your quest while using a Vitamix blender. First is the ‘tamper’ and the second thing being ‘the Under Blade Scraper’.
While the tamper helps you in guiding your ingredients near the blade of the blender, the under blade helps you by reaching in deep for the little bit left behind the blade.
Lastly, it has a self-washing mechanism where you put in soapy water in the blender and whisk away the dirt with one or two pulses and throw away the dirty water and wash it with one last splash of clean water.
That’s all you have to know to get started with a Vitamix Blender.


Drinking celery juice every day seems like a great choice and the Vitamix blender would be a perfect fit for making the amazing recipes you can think of.
Remember that, to get a good result, you have to do it consistently.
Even in the days when you are not feeling like doing it.
Your health is your responsibility. We are just here to help you with the process.
Hopefully, we have given you a proper guideline on how to make a celery juice in a Vitamix properly and efficiently.

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