How to Make Orange Juice With a Juicer – Best tips for 2021

Who does not love a cup of fresh orange juice on a warm summer afternoon? The first thing that everyone does if they want to have juice is to head to a general store and buy a premade juice pack.
This method of having juice is comparatively more comfortable, and we agree with you as well. But making your juice by yourself can be both a healthy habit and a delicious way to have juice.
We say this because you can modify the taste of your juice according to your needs if you are the liquid’s producer. Using a juicer is the best way to make your juice at your house.
Now the question is how to make orange juice with a juicer. In this article, we will discuss how you can make orange juice and its benefits.
The first things you have to know are a juicer, how it works, and how to use a juicer. Do not worry, guys. We have got you covered. Continue reading this article to get all your desired answers.

What is a juicer?

This question is relatively self-explanatory. Simply saying, a juicer is a device that you can use to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables.
This process of extracting is also known as juicing. The most common type of juicer is Centrifugal-juicer.

How does juicer work?

Well, how a juicer works depend on what type of juicer it is. As a centrifugal-juicer is the most popular juicer in this article, we will discuss how a centrifugal juicer works.
A centrifugal juicer has a feed tube, a plunger, an exit pipe, a waste jar, and an internal blade that does the whole juicing thing.
When you enter a fruit or vegetable through the feed tube, it directly contacts the blades.
But it needs some extra force that is provided manually by the plunger. After juice, the juice comes out from the exit pipe, and it stores the remains in the waste jar.

How to use a juicer?

This part is a step by step guide on how to use a juicer.
  • Plugin the power cable if the juicer.
  • Turn the juicer on using the power switch. Your juicer might have different speed options. Select what type of juicing you want.
  • Have a glass or jar near the exit tube to store the flowing juices.
  • Put the fruit or vegetable that you want to juice through the feed tube.
  • Push it manually with the plunger for starting the juicing process.
  • Collect the flowing liquid with a jar or a glass.
  • Get rid of the wastes stored in the waste jar.
  • Remember to wash your juicer before storing it.
Now let us talk about how to make a cup of healthy orange juice using a juicer.

How to make orange juice with a juicer

The first thing that we want to be clear about is that this is not some recipe for orange juice. This method is just the necessary procedure that you need to follow to make orange juice.
You can modify your orange juice according to your taste by adding different ingredients. Follow along and know the basics of making orange juice.
The first step is the preparation phase. Gather all the necessary things like a cup for storing the juice, a knife, the oranges, and, last but not least, the juicer.
It is better if you are in a kitchen and near an electrical power source. Because you will need to wash your oranges before juicing, and you will need a power source for powering the juicer.
After you have all the essential ingredients at your arm’s length, it is time for the actual juicing process. We have provided a step by step instruction for this process in the next segment of this article.
  • Wash the oranges first.
  • Peel the orange skin but remember to keep the white part of the orange untouched because this is where all the nutrients lie.
  • Cut the oranges in half.
  • Go near an electrical power source and connect the power cable of the juicer.
  • Place a glass or mug near the exit pipe to collect the juice.
  • Turn on your juicer and set your ideal juicing speed ( if your juicer has this function).
  • Take the half-cut orange pieces and put them through the feed tube.
  • Manually push the half-cut orange slices through the cutting blade with the plunger.
  • The juicing process should start.
  • Collect the flowing fresh orange juice.
  • Continue to repeat these procedures until you have no orange pieces left.
  • The remains of orange should be stored inside the waste jar.
  • Get rid of the orange waste and disconnect the power cable.
  • Wash the juicer before storing it.
Remember that you can always add extra ingredients like garlic or parsley for added taste. But what you want to add is totally up to your liking, which is the advantage of making orange juice by yourself.
But this is not the only advantage of having homemade orange juice. There are other advantages, as well. Let us know more about it.

Benefits of having homemade Orange juice

The key benefit of any homemade food is its purity that helps in increasing health conditions. Having homemade orange juice is no different. Here are the added benefits of homemade orange juice besides its excellent taste.
  • Orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C.
  • Importantly, orange juice has antioxidants that contribute to increasing the health condition.
  • Orange juice can be an effective diet option for health loss programs.
  • It can also help prevent the creation of stones inside your kidney.
  • Contributes to increasing heart condition
  • Orange juice can reduce inflammation inside your body.
These are the known benefits of having orange juice.


If you have a juicer, making orange juice can be quite a simple task. But you still need to know how to do it.
To produce orange juice, firstly, you need to prepare everything. Secondly, you need to turn on the juicer and push the orange slices through the feed tube with the plunger.
Thirdly you need to collect the orange juice and get rid of the wastage. And finally, you need to clean the juicer before storing it.
It is important to note that you can always add extra ingredients to your orange juice according to your taste. There you go! Enjoy your first ever self-made orange juice.


We hope you have got your answer by reading this article and now you know all about how to make orange juice with a juicer.
Making orange juice with a juicer can benefit health and be a better and tastier way of consuming orange juice. So, follow the procedure correctly and enjoy your drink!

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