Juicer vs Blender- In-depth Information

In recent years, juicer vs blender is a common topic of discussion because of their gradually increasing popularity. As a fruit and vegetable lover, having both or any of them is quite a blessing for you.
Both these kitchen tools work magically to extract the utmost amount of nutrients from the veggies and fruits. You don’t even need to cook them.
However, there is a popular misconception that juicer and blender are the same. But actually, they are pretty different performing different functions. Also, many of us are confused about their actual use.
To eradicate the confusion, let’s head towards a head to head comparison between these two most crowd-pleasing kitchen appliances.

Difference Between Juicer vs Blender

The key difference between a juicer and a blender is that the first one is designed for extracting juice from the fruits and vegetables, while the second one works to blend the ingredients into a smooth pest.
A juicer extracts all the liquid out of the produce. It takes off the fiber from the rest. You get your juice ready by using a juicer.
All the vitamins come out of the vegetables and fruits in the liquid form only. All the pulps are leftover, and you get an easily digestible drink.
A juicer aims at quenching your thirst. Only a glass of juice will be enough to meet your vitamins and minerals needs as it is full of condensed nutrition.
On the other hand, a blender can content your hunger by blending the veggies and fruits into a thick smoothie. It mixes all the elements and blends them well. As a result, no fiber is leftover.
You can also mix some additional ingredients, including yogurt, milk, protein powder, several other nuts, to enhance the health value and taste.
Though a smoothie, made by a blender takes a bit longer to digest, it also keeps you full for a more extended period.
Moreover, you can blend almost any edible ingredients and make some fantastic food items such as nut butter, soups, purees, salad dressing, etc.
Let’s dig deep into the details of juicer vs blender.

Juicer: Types and Benefits

A juicer is used to process veggies and fruits to make a quick drink. A massive amount of fruits and veggies are required to extract juice out of them.
However, there are two fundamental types of juicer found-
  • Centrifugal
  • Cold Press/ Masticating.
  • Manual
The Centrifugal juicer has a spinning metal blade. The blade presses the produce against a filter. As a result, the juice comes out into a waiting vessel leaving the fibers behind.

A masticating / cold press juicer is famous for the retention of all the necessary nutritious elements.

It focuses on the press and crush technique and thus removes the juice out of the contents. As they take a longer period in juicing, they are also known as slow juicers.
The advantages of a juicer are as follow-
  • A juicer produces a comfortable and fast-absorbing drink, which is completely fiberless.
  • Your drink is effortlessly digestible also.
  • The drink will be full of nutrition value as many veggies and fruits will be turned into a glass of juice.
  • Both hard and soft fruits can be processed by using a juicer.

Blender: Types and Benefits

A blender is another handy kitchen tool used as a food processor- mainly fruits and vegetables.
They turn the fruits and veggies into a healthy beverage by blending them well. There are two types of blender available- single-serving blender and jug blender.
Single serving blenders are the most user-friendly as they have a lidded cup or flux which is detachable. You can put the ingredients into the cup as it is connected to the blades.
A jug blender is quite useful when you need to process a good amount of ingredients. You can incorporate a large number of soft veggies and fruits at a time.
A blender is a pretty handy kitchen tool with the following benefits-
  • There is no fibrous pulp to discard as everything is processed thoroughly.
  • You will get a smoothie that will help digestion by removing toxins from your body.
  • As the fiber of fruits and veggies is not removed, they reduce your food craving by keeping you full longer.
  • The fiber in the drink ensures a mild release of energy by lingering the digestion process. Also, the drink maintains sugar balance.
  • A blender is an extremely affordable kitchen appliance in comparison with a juicer.

Juicer vs Blender: Which One Is A Better Option

There is no decided answer to this comparison: juicer vs blender. It entirely depends on your preferences. While considering health issues, many people claim that juicers are wasteful as all the fibers are removed.
Conversely, many also argue that juicers are the best to collect all the necessary nutrition together.
However, both work significantly to maintain health value by producing either juice or smoothie.
If you prefer the creamy texture and want to satisfy your appetite, then a blender is your best friend.
Apart from just fruits and vegetables, you can also add more ingredients such as milk, yogurt, honey, butter, and so on. Besides, a blender is much more affordable and preferably easy to clean.
A juicer should be your pick if you want a concentrated nutrition value from just a glass of juice. Moreover, it is pretty quick to drink a glass of juice than a smoothie.
Sometimes juicers are pretty good as they retain the Vitamin C of the produce, which is the key to build up your immune system.
However, juicers are a bit more expensive than blenders. Also, cleaning a juicer is time-consuming as there are sticky leftovers of the fruits and veggies.
If you want to consume all the nutrition from fruits and vegetables, go for fresh ones without processing because neither a blender nor a juicer would retain all the nutrients.
But both of them work convincingly to help you get the vitamins and nutritions in the quickest possible way.
As both juicer and blender have their amenities and drawbacks, you should choose based on your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Both blender and juicer are useful kitchen appliances to process fruits and vegetables into a healthy beverage without even cooking.
If you are yet to decide which one would be a better choice, please go through our detailed discussion again on juicer vs blender and clear your confusion.
You should choose according to your requirements and preferences. But if there is no budget issue, you can add both to your kitchen and enjoy the conveniences.

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