10 Types of Chef Knives – Everything you Need to Know About Chef Knife

A chef needs a lot of accessories to handle his work of cooking. Among all those accessories, a knife is the most essential one for him. You may think we can handle or kitchen time with any type of knife. But when it is about the work of a chef, you cannot say he can use any knife. To be true, there can be different types of chef knives. Still, a chef cannot use one knife for different purposes. It’s because particular types of knives are used for cutting particular items.
Well, you may think a knife will be an elementary object, but perhaps it’s not. There are many things you understand about a chef knife and if you are interested to learn about it, you are exactly in the right place. Just keep your focus on the content and learn everything about different types of chef knives.

What is Chef Knife?

Let’s start with what exactly a chef’s knife is. In general, we have different aspects where we use a knife. For instance, it can the use in the kitchen, in the restaurant, in the grocery shop, in the butcher shop, or sometimes in the mechanic shop.
So, a knife is made for some particular purposes. Still, there are knives for general use, people of particular professionals use specific knives especially made for them.
However, a chef knife is specifically made for the usage of restaurant chefs. A chef generally uses different types of knives to cut different food items like steak, fish, vegetables, and others. As they are experts and they need to show special cuts to make something special. Besides, different chefs use different types of knives.
Chefs can be of different types too like pastry chef, aspirin chef, professional chef, and others. And they all have their types of chef knives. That’s why chef’s knives must be made in a specific way that will help the chef to cut things in their way.

Different Parts of a Chef Knife: Anatomy of a Chef knife

A knife also has different parts and if you wish to buy a specific type of knife, you need to learn them as well. Well, like in medical science, a knife’s body parts are described as the anatomy of a kitchen knife. The following parts are the most important parts of a kitchen knife.
  • Blade: The iron or steel part of the knife is known as the blade. It holds the sharpest area and this is the reason, chefs use this part to handle any kind of cutting session.
  • Handle: The part of the knife that the user holds while cutting something with it, is known as the handle. Generally, it is made of plastic, wood, or rubber.
  • Point: It is the final tip of the blade. To make a sharp point, this part is made in an edgy way. The chefs normally use this part to peal the surface of the food.
  • Edge: The sharpest part of the blade is the edge. And it is the most used part as well. For the majority of the cutting part, chefs like to use this part as it is the sharpest area.
  • Tip: For chopping and other small cutting work, the front part of the blade is used in a wide range. And this part is known as the tip of the blade.
  • Heel: The very first part of the blade that is adjacent to the joint of the blade and the handle is known as the heel.
  • Bolster: It is mainly the joint part that links the blade with the handle.
  • Butt: The very end part of the handle is known as the butt and it is the bottom part of the knife.

10 Types of Chef Knives and their Uses

1. Chef's Knife

Let’s start with the most popular knife – it’s the Chef’s Knife also known as the French knife. These knives are designed for random chopping and cutting.
The blade of the knives are comparatively larger, generally comes with a length of 260 mm or 10 inches. So, for heavy cutting, you must get it favorable. Finally, these knives are recommended by the majority of the chefs.

2. Boning Knives

Facing problems in separating bones from the meat and fish. The chefs use a different type of knife having a flexible blade. Yes, presenting the boning knives. They come with different angles of blade flexibility for easy use.
The blades are comparatively thinner and the size is approximately 160 mm/6 inches. The boning knives come with both stiff and flexible blades. The stiff blades are more appropriate for heavy tasks and flexible blades are perfect for boning and lighter tasks.

3. Paring Knife

This one is a handy one having a small size. Paring knives are suitable for peeling and coring vegetables and fruits. These knives come with a blade length of 2-4 inches.
The chefs recommend them best for paring and trimming fruits and small vegetables. In the case of hard vegetables such as carrots, beet you may now get good advantages using these knives. If you put enough force then you can use it on hard vegetables. However, no one wants to work casing lots of energy.

4. Carving Knife

It’s an ordinary type knife that comes with a sharp curved edge. The blade size of the carving knife is 360 mm/14 inches. The blade is flexible and slender.
Carving blades are mainly used for slicing and carving cooked meat.

5. Bread Knife

Bread life is different in the blade shape having serrated edges. They are designed for cutting through foods having soft and hard interiors such as crusty bread loaf.
Another name for a bread knife is the slicer. Like the carving knife, they are slender and flexible. Besides, a slicer is around 360 mm/14 inches long. Though it is named bread knife you can use it for different purposes. They are used for cutting pastries, cakes, meats, bread, poultry, etc.

6. Nakiri Bocho

You may not hear the name but you have probably seen it. They are types of Japanese chef knives, comes with a straight and sharp blade edge. They are prepared with a unique design that doesn’t require horizontal motion while cutting. The blades are used for cutting greens and vegetables.

7. Tomato Knife

Tomato’s skin is soft and porn to testing. Besides, they are hard to slice. So the chefs use a new kind of knife – tomato knife. The knife blade is designed to grip the skin of the tomato and helps to slice through it easily.

8. Cheese Knife

Cheese knives are designed to have holes in the blade because cheese easily gets stuck with the blades. One negative issue is the sharpness of the cheese knife is not enough to cut hard foods even the hard cheese.

9. Decorating Knife

For ensuring the perfect decoration, chefs use decorating knives. They come with different patterns to provide attractive looks to your food. They are not enough sharp but you can simply slice and cut soft fruits and vegetables using them.

10. Santoku Knife

Santoku is a Japanese word that means “three virtues.” Relate to the name the knife is used for 3 tasks mainly – slicing, mincing, and chopping. This is one kind of Japanese chef knife available in 5-8 inches.
Santoku knives are used for multi-purpose uses. You can cover almost 90% of your kitchen cuttings using an 8-inch Santoku Knife.
Even though it is multi-functional, it lacks a bolster. So, before purchasing one you must check if it fits your hand or not.

Chef Knives by Length

Regardless to say, a knife can be of different size. And the size of a knife is also composed intending to the actual use of it. However, different types of chef knives are also determined by their size. The following size of knives is generally used by chefs.

1) 12 Inches Knives

The largest blade size of a chef knife is generally 12 inches. Generally, a professional chef uses this kind of long knife as the users need to be quite confident to handle such a long knife. It’s because handling a long knife is quite tough and it can cause unwanted accidental cuts.
This kind of knife is basically used to cut big-size fruits and vegetables like melon, squash, etc. Besides, chefs use such a long knife to cut meat, diced vegetables, or slicing herbs. Also, some chefs use a long knife to chop nuts and to carve dense meats.

2) 8.5 Inches Knives

For large food preparation, chefs also use an 8.5 inches long knife. Generally, the new and inexperienced chefs who don’t like to handle a longer knife like the previous one, use an 8.5 inches knife. Handling this kind of knife is not very different and it is good to cut large foods.
Generally, both the chef knives, bread knives, and carving knives can have an 8.5 inches long blade. Chefs use thing type of knife to cut and dice meat, vegetable, and fruits of big size. Also, they use it to chop and slice herbs, spices, and nuts. But it is not a very good choice to cleave meat bones anyway.

3) 7 Inches Knives

If you prefer using a common and medium size kitchen knife, a knife with 7 inches long blade will be perfect. However, a very popular knife type, Santoku Chef’s Knife is generally of this size variation. The chefs use this kind of knife for the butchering work, dicing and slicing vegetables, nuts, meats, and so on.

4) 5 Inches Knives

In the mechanic shop, users generally use a knife with 5 inches long blade for utility purposes. But chefs often use this type of knife for general kitchen use. They use it to slice bangles or buns, to cut sandwiches, to slice boneless meat and fish, to chop garden vegetables, and so on.

5) 3.5 Inches Knives

It is the smallest size variant for the knife blade. It is generally designed for professionals and it can be of different widths and designs. The chefs mainly use such a small knife for chopping, slicing, and peeling small vegetables, fruits, and other foods. This kind of knife is handy and easy to use.
So, these are the types of knives based on their length. Chefs generally choose their knives regarding their needs.


Our target for this article is to make you introduced to different types of chef knives and understand their uses. There are a total of 20+ major and minor types available. But we think it’s enough to learn only the 10 major types of chef knives.
We have also described another part of explaining types of chef’s knives according to their sizes. If you read the whole article you must get a complete guide and idea about various types of kitchen chef knives. Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article. Thank you and stay connected with us for more related topics.

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